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At the Bar


Ordering beer, one of the essential surviving techniques in the civilized world. At least for some people. Probably the keyword una cerveza – a beer is sufficient to order beer, but in the civilized world we might want to use a few more words. JP and Liliana tell us all about it.

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Audio Lesson

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lo nanmu: Buenas tardes. ¿Qué le sirvo? noicon
lo ninmu: Quiero una cerveza. noicon
lo nanmu: ¿Clara u obscura? noicon
lo ninmu: Obscura por favor. noicon
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Dialogue with Translation

lo nanmu: Buenas tardes. ¿Qué le sirvo? noicon
good afternoons what (to) you (I) serve
man: Good afternoon. What can I serve you?
lo ninmu: Quiero una cerveza. noicon
(I) want a beer
woman: I'd like a beer.
lo nanmu: ¿Clara u obscura?' noicon
clear or dark
man: Regular or dark?
lo ninmu: Obscura por favor. noicon
dark please
woman: Dark, please.
la cerveza – the beer

Vocabulary for Dialogue

el hombre noun (masculine) the man
la mujer noun (feminine) the woman
bueno/buena adjective (m./f.) good
buenos/buenas adjective (plural, m./f.) good
la tarde noun (feminine) the afternoon
las tardes noun (plural, feminine) the afternoons
buenas tardes phrase good afternoon
¿qué? interrogative pronoun what?
le indirect object pronoun (to) you (formal, singular)
servir verb (infinitive) to serve
(yo) sirvo verb (present tense) I serve
querer verb (infinitive) to want, to like
(yo) quiero verb (present tense) I want, I like
uno number one
un/una article (m./f.) a
la cerveza noun (feminine) the beer
claro/clara adjective (m./f.) clear, bright
o conjunction or
u conjunction (before “o”) or
obscuro/obscura adjective (m./f.) dark
por favor phrase please
el vino tinto – the red wine

Vocabulary for Audio Lesson

¿Me da una cerveza por favor? phrase Do you give me a beer, please?
cerveza light phrase light beer
la cerveza clara phrase the regular beer
claros/claras adjective (plural, m./f.) clear, bright
la cerveza obscura phrase the dark beer
obscuros/obscuras adjective (plural, m./f.) dark
el vino noun (masculine) the wine
blanco/blanca adjective (m./f.) white
el vino blanco phrase the white wine
el vino tinto phrase the red wine
la michelada noun (feminine) the beer with lime, salt, and sauces
Méjico/México lindo phrase beautiful Mexico
hasta luego phrase see you later
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More Vocabulary

This section includes grammatically related words. Some of them are required by the exercise Dialogue Recast.

me indirect object pronoun (to) me
te (to) you (informal, singular)
le (to) him/her(/it)
le (to) you (formal, singular)
nos (to) us
os (to) you (informal, plural)
les (to) them
les (to) you (formal, plural)
servir infinitive I serve
(yo) sirvo present tense I serve
(tú) sirves you serve (informal, singular)
(él/ella) sirve he/she(/it) serves
(usted) sirve you serve (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) servimos we serve (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) servís you serve (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) sirven they serve (m./f.)
(ustedes) sirven you serve (formal, plural)
querer infinitive to want
(yo) quiero present tense I want
(tú) quieres you want (informal, singular)
(él/ella) quiere he/she(/it) wants
(usted) quiere you want (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) queremos we want (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) queréis you want (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) quieren they want (m./f.)
(ustedes) quieren you want (formal, plural)
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Dialogue Translation

Translate from Lojban to English. Click each bar to check your answer. If possible, read the Lojban sentences aloud.

Buenas tardes. ¿Qué le sirvo?

Good afternoon. What can I serve you?

Quiero una cerveza.

I'd like a beer.

¿Clara u obscura?

Regular or dark?

Obscura por favor.

Dark, please.

Dialogue Recall

Now translate from English to Lojban. Remember to say the Lojban sentences aloud.

Good afternoon. What do I serve you? (formal)

Buenas tardes. ¿Qué le sirvo?

I'd like a beer.

Quiero una cerveza.

Regular or dark?

¿Clara u obscura?

Dark, please.

Obscura por favor.

Dialogue Remix

Translate this variant of the dialogue from English to Lojban.

Good afternoon.

Buenas tardes.

Good. (plural, feminine)

Buenas. (short for buenas tardes)

I want one, please.

Quiero una por favor.



One afternoon, please.

Una tarde por favor.

Good. What can I serve you? (formal)

Bueno. ¿Qué le sirvo?

I want a ...

Quiero un/una ...

A beer or a red wine or a white wine?

¿Una cerveza o un vino tinto o un vino blanco?

I'd like a good beer.

Quiero una cerveza buena.

A good beer? A dark beer?

¿Una cerveza buena? ¿Una cerveza obscura?

I want a michelada, please.

Quiero una michelada por favor.

Good. I serve you a good michelada. (formal)

Bueno. Le sirvo una michelada buena.





Dialogue Recast

This translation exercise requires some of the words from the More Vocabulary section.

Good afternoon. What do I serve you? (formal, plural)

Buenas tardes. ¿Qué les sirvo?

We like a beer.

Queremos una cerveza.

Regular or dark?

¿Clara u obscura?

Dark, please.

Obscura por favor.

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