le naljbo pe la .maiky'elsym.

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naljbo tcita nu casnu

mi zukte

An essay i wrote about my concept of "blixen" (style-philosophies).
The first part of a three-part poem involving a versification of my own devising.
A project for which i once composed hundreds of definitions for neologisms.
[3] (broken link)--try: [4] (actually, the entrance you are supposed to use is: [5] )
Another of my works is to be found in here.

An essay on Quantitative Meter in English

A dubious conjecture which once meant much to me.

what about Glaugnea? here.

i now have a blog-- [7]

mi nelci

The webpage of one of my publishers, a group of very inventive experimental media artists.
http://www.net22.com/qazingulaza/front.html (broken link) -- try [8]
The webpage of another invented language, Taneraic, whose inventor i have corresponded with.
The webpage of a Scottish cult musician named "Momus", whose cultural commentaries are both witty & prescient.
The Buffalo Poetry Center, whose mailing list is a key conduit for current Language Poetry culture.
A dealer in rare & unusual books of the fantastic & horrific, with fascinating commentaries.
The webpage of Bruce Sterling's "Viridian Movement", that seeks to make ecology fashionable.
http://www.well.com/conf/mirrorshades/viridian/ (broken link) -- [13]
Another] Bruce Sterling project, the collecting of obsolete media.
A webpage dedicated to the obscure historical figure "Vortigern", including the infamous Shakespeare forgery soon to be the subject of a movie by Neil Gaiman
The real Kalevala
An exhaustive Anagram Engine of limited usefulness, but interesting
A page for sliderule collectors
Elephant Art (for real!). "Very few elephants paint and hardly any have had art shows..."
[19] (broken link) ; ore ; till more(broken link); & especially here. "...really, really accomplished elephant artists earn up to $100,000 annually."
The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia
Online Text of the e-less novel "Gadsby" by Ernest Vincent Wright
a new weblog by first-generation L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poet Ron Silliman
sometimes i play chess with the computer here (& it's hard to beat!)