how to pronounce "Sapir-Whorf" in Lojban

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  • lo se sruma be la sapir e la uorf = Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
  • sapir. uorf.
    • After meditating on this for 12 years, i moved the period from in front of the "u" to after the "r".
    • Why not sapir.uorf. or sapir. .uorf.?
    • Shouldn't it be "sypIr."?
      • pc:
        • Probably (for himself) sapIr but notice also that Ben's name is "Whorf," not "Worf," though I have no (definitive) idea how to show that: sapIr'uorf., sapIr. xuorf.?
    • .kreig.daniyl.:
      • Many of us don't pronounce "w" and "wh" differently, so .uorf. is fine.