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In Lojban names are called cmene (pronouced shmen-eh, IPA /ʃ, and are transliterated to use only Lojban sounds. In Lobjan all words end in a vowel, and so to avoid any possible confusion all cmene end in a consonant; if a transliterated name would end in a vowel, it is usual to add an s to the end. All cmene are followed by a full stop, so confusion to where the name stops and the next word starts it avoided; for this reason, any names beginning in a vowel have a full stop in front of them. To indicate an accent somewhere other than the second-to-last syllable, the entire syllable to be accented must be capitalised. A comma should be used to stop two vowels next to each other that should not be pronouced as a dipthong. All names must have the word 'la', meaning 'the', placed before them. A few examples are below:

English Lojban
New York nu,IORK (in some accents ni,IORK)
Cynthia sinti,a (pronounced SEEN-tee-ah)
Daniel daniyl (DAHN-yuhl)


English names to Cmene

Translate these names to Lojban cmene.

  1. Jacob
  2. Emily
  3. Michael
  4. Madison
  5. Joshua
  6. Hannah
  7. Matthew
  8. Emma
  9. Ethan
  10. Alexis
  11. Joseph
  12. Ashley
  13. Andrew
  14. Abigail
  15. Christopher
  16. Sarah
  17. Daniel
  18. Samantha
  19. Nicholas
  20. Olivia

Cmene to English names

Translate these Lojban cmene to English names.

  1. la .ueliem.
  2. la .ilezabet.
  3. la .entonis.
  4. la .alesas.
  5. la deived.
  6. la laren.
  7. la tailer.
  8. la .ezabelas.
  9. la .alekzander.
  10. la greis.
  11. la rai,en.
  12. la djeseka.
  13. la djan.
  14. la brianas.
  15. la djeimz.
  16. la teiler.
  17. la zekeris.
  18. la keilas.
  19. la brendan.
  20. la .ennas.

Answers to Exercises

No one pronouciation of a name is the right one, so use common sense whe deciding if you got these right or not.

English names to Cmene

  1. la djeikeb.
  2. la .emelis.
  3. la maikel.
  4. la medesen.
  5. la djaciu,as.
  6. la xennas.
  7. la ma'ius.
  8. la .emas.
  9. la .i'an.
  10. la .alekses.
  11. la djosef.
  12. la .aclis.
  13. la .endrus.
  14. la .ebegeil.
  15. la krestofer.
  16. la seiras.
  17. la daniel.
  18. la samentas.
  19. la nekoles.
  20. la .olevias.

Cmene to English names

  1. William
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Anthony
  4. Alyssa
  5. David
  6. Lauren
  7. Tyler
  8. Isabella
  9. Alexander
  10. Grace
  11. Ryan
  12. Jessica
  13. John
  14. Brianna
  15. James
  16. Taylor
  17. Zachary
  18. Kayla
  19. Brandon
  20. Anna