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The following words have been used:

lo ramyrespa = myth-reptile
lo ridyrespa = fairy-reptile
lo drakono = dragon
  • In Lojbanic culture, le dacti co dukse ni moklu (The Thing With Too Many Mouths) probably comes closest to fulfilling this function.
  • Beware, do not confuse
    • lo fagypu'u ramyrespa = fire-spit myth-reptile (dragon)
    • lo sedyso'i ramyrespa head-many myth-reptile (hydra)
  • Other possible words: resycrida, sincycrida, curnycrida, cridrdrakone
  • Not all mythical dragons 'spit' fire. I believe the Oriental dragons are a prime example.
  • phma:
    • I don't think it's right to use lujvo or fu'ivla based on crida or ranmi for real dragons, whether they are the extinct reptiles that the myths are based on or modern reptiles such as the Komodo dragon. The latter is resrvarano or specifically resrkomodo; any suggestions for the former?