ctununta'a la feinman fi lo nu kanji

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One of the things I'm doing with le ctununta'a is automatically converting Lojban mekso into symbolic math. People keep asking my why I'm doing that, so I'm writing it up.

  • I want to show that mekso are useful for Real Math (tm).
  • mekso by themselves don't prove anything; I could be making a mistake, and so could everyone reading it. There are some mistakes that are very easy to make; I made a nice one in Level 0 that no-one noticed.
  • mekso are hard to read; people use symbolic math for a reason.
  • I want to teach people how to use mekso.

So what I'm doing is writing the math out in mekso, converting the mekso to symbolic math for easy reading, and having the original mekso as a footnote for people to compare.

I'm hoping this system will meet all my goals.

You can (probably) see an example of the math stuff I'm doing at http://www.teddyb.org/~rlpowell/media/regular/test.pdf