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School and Education

...or 'How to Learn to Learn'.

  • Class
    • "My maths class is difficult."
  • Class room
    • "Where is my maths class?" "It's in class room 203."
  • Lesson
    • "Today's lesson is about logic gates."
  • Homework
    • "Do you have homework?" "Yes, but it isn't due until Monday."
    • "My dog ate my homework."
  • Teacher
    • "My maths teacher dislikes the English teacher."
  • Student
    • "I am a student of maths."
  • Study (v)
    • "I have to study my maths."
  • Test
    • "My test is on maths."
  • Test (v)
    • "I'm being tested on my maths knowledge."
  • Principal