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Hardware and Kicking Things

...or 'la .mak.gaivr.'

    • compact disk
      • compact disk drive
    • jump/thumb/pen drive
    • flash media
    • motherboard
    • video card
    • sound card
    • microphone - snaveitci (I absolutely -HATE- this lujvo. A microphone is not a recording utensil. What about live venues? At conferences? Telephones? Voice chat? It's a sound-to-voltage transducer, the exact opposite of a speaker, which has nothing to do with recording. -lindar)
    • central processing unit (cpu) -
    • heat sink
    • power supply
    • random access memory
    • neckbeard -
    • compressed air -
    • keyboard
    • mouse
    • universal serial bus (USB)
    • firewire
    • "Reboot the computer."
    • "Start up the computer."
    • "Shut down the computer."
    • "It's a software problem."
    • "It's a hardware problem."
    • "Plug in the..."