broda lo se broda

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broda lo se broda is an expression appearing here and there in the speech of speakers of Lojban. Its problem is that broda or any other verb in its place is hard-coded.

zo co'o cmavo lo se cmavo be zo coi
co'o is a particle of a class which contains the particle coi

To avoid hardcoding the following formal steps can be taken:

ko'a broda lo se broda be ko'e
ko'a broda lo poi'i ke'a se broda fe ko'e
ko'a broda lo poi'i broda ke'a fa ko'e
ko'a broda [lo poi'i no'a ke'a fa] ko'e

The resulting lo poi'i no'a ke'a fa doesn't contain any hard-coded external verbs and (with appropriate modifications when needed) can be further used to create particles-shortcuts out of it.