a Vague PA

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vensa ma jdima lonu curmi doi tomoj
tomoj is there a vague PA
selckiku i don't mind malgli, that's a fine way to say it, it just makes me wonder
vensa selckiku: the bomb is about to go off :)
tomoj: ji'i
selckiku huh, a vague pa, that's a cool idea, there isn't is there??
tomoj the thing is, I don't even know the number
nor whether it's typical
vensa you can use za'u
tomoj I just know it's in the hundreds
vensa or su'o
selckiku ji'i makes any PA a little vaguer, you can't use it on its own can you?
vensa so za'u panono
tomoj so I was thinking XX no no
vensa selckiku: y not?
selckiku i dunno, i'd just never seen it
tomoj well..
selckiku what selma'o is zo ji'i anyway
zo ji'i cmavo ma
tomoj 10000 is za'u pa no no, isn't it?
valsi ji'i = digit/number: approximately (default the typical value in this context) (number).
vensa tomoj: you can try xo paunai no no
tomoj it's PA
selckiku ok then, i guess li ji'i is a pretty vague number then
vensa selckiku: is za'u panono = "more than one hundred" or "10000"?
valsi za'u = digit/number: greater than.
selckiku 10000 is more than 100, sure
vensa yeah but what is the meaning of the lojban?
oh wait
tomoj wasnt arguing with me
I was including "10000" as a referent of za'u panono
selckiku it's a somewhat unusual meaning of za'upanono but it depends on the context
tomoj I want X00 where X is a single digit 1-9
vensa doi tomoj no'i xu do kakne lonu se pendo lo mlatu poi bartu
tomoj: then you need a regex :P
tomoj hmm, is there enough cmavo space open to translate regex into lojban? :)
valsi boxfo = x1 is a sheet/foil/blanket [2-dimensional shape/form flexible in 3 dimensions] of material x2.
no'o = digit/number: typical/average value.
selckiku the cmavo space is rather busy, really
vensa how about {no'o no no}?
if anything, it sounds hilarious