Vocab Lessons/?- Reading lojban texts found in the wild

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Having gotten this far, you decide to look at the texts. You know, the texts recommended by the "What's next?" section on the lojban home page. And then you try to read one. The first one "Terry the Tiger". But it's just weird and awkward and dysfluent.

[To some extent the phrasing is just awkward, using two words where one would work. To some extent I probably haven't gone through all the gismu necessary to understand it. You probably haven't read the cmavo enough to have the hang of them. For the last problem: Read the CLL, especially the dialogues in <insert_relevant_chapters>. If you don't understand them, reread the (relevant part of the) chapter. Then reread the dialogue. Repeat until you understand the dialogue fluently. This'll get you fluency with almost all cmavo. (I'll make lessons for the remaining ones.) Next lesson: word package for "The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight". Next lesson: Now you will read "Terry" and also "Bears and Pumpkin". I will then in future lessons assume you learned the following words <list> (and therefore use them and not teach them). Good Luck!]