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Would it be disrespectful to include those surnames here? I just hunted through the appropriate issues to find out what they were. --rab.spir

I considered whether to include them; I didn't, for a variety of reasons including

  • Honorific surnames wouldn't be used in the same way as modern family names, but rather only in an appropriate context and he uses them only in the appropriate context -- I don't know what an appropriate context would be, and I suspect most others wouldn't, either. I don't know Athelstan, but making it a bit more difficult to find the name may help to prevent the names being used inappropriately
  • How many other people do you know by the name of Athelstan? -- "Athelstan" uniquely (to me) identifies that person already
  • Why is it important to know them? I get the feeling that since he doesn't use them himself, it doesn't really matter whether people find them out or not, and the only obvious (to me) reason would be curiosity -- a curiosity similar to that which drives people to find out what a celebrity's tattoo in a private place looks like.
    • To defend myself here, my curiosity was mostly for what Norse honorary surnames are like, not for finding out random stuff about Athelstan. The LK11 one (adapted into Lojban and English) was quite surprising. --rab.spir
      • Indeed, especially since I'm reading LOTR at the moment. (At first the rafsi looked wrong, but that apppears to be due to the Great Rafsi Reallocation, according to the comparision list linked from that page.)

To answer your question: I'm not sure whether it would be disrespectful, but I can well imagine so. --pne Are you sure he wouldn't mind having his own page in such a dehumanizing medium such as the Wiki?

I didn't consult Lojbab in creating his page either :-) If he does, the answer is that this is a reference page, not a vanity page...

How did he translate "dehumanizing" into Lojban?