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Hi, I'm Vruxir (roughly pronounced VROO-here, IPA: /ˈvru.xir/), AKA Kevin B.

I started studying Lojban in October 2010.

I was born in New York and I now live in Virginia, in the United States.


The name "Vruxir" is assembled from the rafsi (abbreviated combining forms) of the Lojban words savru ("noise, din, clamor") and xirma ("horse").

The combination of terms tickled my fancy, and the sounds reminded me of an Old Norse name, so I went with it.

Kevin is my birth name and the one used with most of my acquaintances.

Still Learning

I haven't finished memorizing the Lojban gismu (five-letter content words including most basic "verbs", "adjectives", and "nouns"); but I'm continuing to study.

Wiki Stuff

I am sometimes working to improve the content of this Wiki: