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"xorlo" is a pet name of the BPFK (Committee for developing Lojban) for the articles (called gadri in Lojban, they are like the and a in English). This proposal is written mostly by Xorxes, a member of BPFK. The gadri proposal (which has now been accepted by a vote of 11 to 0 by the BPFK, although it is technically subject to future changes until we declare ourselves done) is quite complete, but rather full of technical jargon.

This change to the language affects The Complete Lojban Language book that was published before accepting xorlo so after reading that book you are supposed to come to this page to see what changed in the language.

Something that needs to be noted in general: the BPFK made a consensus decision that they do not make rulings on ontological or metaphysical issues; that is, we will not tell you whether phrase X has meaning or validity. That is discussion and speaker specific, and not our job. In some discussions, saying mi kalte pa pavyseljirna (which literally means there exists one thing that is a unicorn that I am hunting; this implies that at least one unicorn exists) is perfectly reasonable, in others it's a reason to put someone in a mental hospital. In a similar vein, lo is now completely generic. This means that there are going to be disagreements about how broad it can be. For example, I think that bear goo is perfectly validly lo cribe. The member of BPFK Arnt Richard Johansen does not. That's OK, albeit somewhat obnoxious should I ever need to talk about bear goo. Of course, I can just use lo pesxu be lo cribe.

How to use xorlo?