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This template is used to add extra newlines to adjust page breaks in PDFs of individual Lojban by Choice lessons. Please make sure that you know very well what you are doing when you modify this template! In particular, make sure that the <noinclude> tag is in the first line except for short periods of time when you generate a PDF.

The work flow to generate a PDF is this:

  1. move the <noinclude> tag in {{SbcNewline2}} to the second line
  2. generate a PDF from the Print version of a lesson, for example with the PDF printing of FireFox on MacOS X (letter format, centered page number)
  3. adjust the {{SbcNewline2}} templates in the lesson to ensure nice page breaks
  4. iterate the PDF generation and the adjustment of the {{SbcNewline2}} templates until you are satisfied (don't be too pedantic but at least avoid page breaks after section headings)
  5. postprocess the PDF (compression, web preview)
  6. move the <noinclude> tag in {{SbcNewline2}} to the first line