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This template makes it easy to convert from decimal to hexadecimal.


Use: {{Hexadecimal|x}} where x is the decimal number to be converted to a hexadecimal. Decimals and fractions will be rounded down. The number is, by default, formatted with a final subscript 16 to display the base. An optional second parameter of |hex will replace the base with "hex".

To opt out of the subscript, use a second parameter of |no (or equivalently |none), which also forces the display of at least two hexadecimal digits (instead of just one for values lower than 16).

To show a single digit, without the subscript and without the 0 prefix, set the second parameter to |digit.


To convert a number to a base 16:

{{Hexadecimal|0}} → 016
{{Hexadecimal|15}} → F16
{{Hexadecimal|3256}} → CB816

To convert a number to a base hex:

{{Hexadecimal|0|hex}} → 0hex
{{Hexadecimal|15|hex}} → Fhex
{{Hexadecimal|3256|hex}} → CB8hex

To display single digits:

{{Hexadecimal|0|digit}} → 0
{{Hexadecimal|10|digit}} → A
{{Hexadecimal|15|digit}} → F

To convert an RGB color from decimal code to hex code:

{{Hexadecimal|255|no}}{{Hexadecimal|165|no}}{{Hexadecimal|0|no}} → FFA500
Not a number input
{{Hexadecimal}} → 016
{{Hexadecimal|foobar}} → foobar
{{Hexadecimal|A B}} → A B

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