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place structure is the semantics of arguments. "The place structure" of a given brivla is a statement of the order and meaning of the arguments used with it, conventionally labeled x1, x2, x3, ...

Example: the place structure of klama is: "x1 comes/goes to x2 from x3 via x4 using means x5".

  • How do you say "places" or "place structure"? ve gismu??
    • gismu daski pe'a

stidi lu gismu pevdaski morna li'u .a lu gimpevdaskymo'a li'u .a lu sumti te setca li'u .a lu sumterse'a li'u .a lu leza'i gismu fice'u li'u

  • te gismu would be the places of a gismu
  • te bridi would be the places of a bridi
  • There would be a corresponding place in brivla, but I don't have the lujvo list handy at the moment, so I can't say which one.