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zo jo'u zo'u: Perhaps {jei} is a better word to swap with; though hex-digits aren't used very often, it might be desirable for all of them to remain monosyllabic.

Of course, downside of that is that we'd have to change the name to "ce ki tau jei" :p

Spheniscine (talk) 10:03, 17 djunio 2015 (PDT)

Attitudinals and {nai}

One of several problems that plague the current attitudinal system is the inconsistency of the meaning of {nai}. NAI/CAI has grown to not just modify UI/COI, but also selbri and sumtcita (and even things like some PA). However, {nai} in these cases acts as a mere denial negator like {na'e}. {nai}, however, for many UI/COI, works more like {to'e} than {na'e}.

There is an experimental {to'e} variant, {ne'e}, specifically for selbri/sumtcita. I have used it for compounds like {rone'e} (least contextually possible number), and even {u'ene'e} ("disappointment", which gives a third level to the {u'e} scale without reassigning {u'enai}.

It might be worth refactoring the entire system, swapping {ne'e} with {tei} for instance, then redefining all attitudinal compounds to keep {nai} as the suffix form of {na'e}. Thus {uinai} - not happy; {uitei} - sad. I dunno though, might be too radical even for CKTJ?

Spheniscine (talk) 23:01, 11 djulio 2015 (PDT)