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Posted by rlpowell on Wed 09 of Feb., 2005 22:45 GMT posts: 14214

What used to be at the bottom of the page is below. BTW, gi'e is perfectly valid at the end of a sentence, in all three parsers.


Created randomly, music is the jbozgi tune of the first stanza, chorus, and bridge. Someone please come up with a reasonable translation (even though it doesn't make much sense.) I can't quite get it right.

You can't get a reasonable translation when it gives you words like panje and te cupra. But I hope the above unreasonable translation is enough.

Woah. Will the translator please step forward, name himself (reasonable assumption, unfortunately), and take a bow? "You are the evening of the coming porous prophet!" Any comparisons to extant Lojban poetry, living or dead, completely serendipitous! :-) And why does the tune make me think of Shonen Knife (or the Shags)? — nitcion

Damn this anonymous wiki. I could have sworn I put my name somewhere. That was me. — rab.spir

  • .i doi rab. mi .ei pilno lo jufra poi se cusku lo terctucymi'u be mi bei fo lo mu'eske ctuca pe le balckule ku'o ca lenu lei tadni cu ciska pajni tu'a le ctuca - .i "lu le ti prenu cu barda tarci banli gi'e bilga lenu se dunda so'a jdini li'u" vau zo'onitcion.
    • .i ki'a ku'i ki'e .i lenu mi jimpe de'u pu se temci lo mentu be li reno .i mi troci tu'a le pu'u seljvajvo .iku'i la'edi'u na sidju fi lenu djuno le sumti stura be zo terctucymi'u .i paunaixu zo'o lesi'o so'a jdini cu vajni pagbu
    • Sorry, dude. 'Fellow student'. Doesn't help that I got confused about the place structure (should have left itselctucymi'u): la rik. mintu mi leka ce'u se ctuca la bil. loi vrici le mu'eske => la rik. selctucymi'u mi la bil. loi vrici le mu'eske) The Original English: "This guy is a superstar and should be given lots of money." Teacher evaluation, Optics & Relativity (Advanced), Second Year, University of Melbourne, 1990. (And please, set a limit of mentu be li mu in future. It's my responsibility to be intelligible. Though I appreciate the attention. :-) — mi'e nitcion.
    • I think that lo mintu selctu befa mi beifo le mu'eske, though a bit kludgey, could have worked.

P.S. .i je'e la rik. gi'e? Uhoh, syntax error... .i lu mi'e rik. do djica le nu posydji le do titnanba gi'i citka ty. li'u

It confused me too. The generator really did stick a gi'e at the end of the sentence. But I'm taking it's ideas seriously ever since it told me that it was the egg man, and I knew it had the potential for greatness...

.u'icai .i lei di'u selsanga valsi cu xajmi carmi .i mi je'a djica le nu tirna le selsanga zgike .i semu'ibo mi ca le purlamdei ku zbasu lo me la midis zgivei pe le di'u selsanga(external link) .i mi'e tsali

ROTFLMAO! Hilarious lyrics! I just had to hear how it sounds like, so I MIDIfied the music yesterday. To download it: MIDI(external link), or MP3(external link). --tsali

Now all we need is a recording with vocals... Anyone want to try singing that quickly in lojban? - la kreig.daniyl.

Hate to rain on everybody's parade, but xusra doesn't really mean "prophet"; it means 'asserts'.

lo xusra is a person or agent who asserts things. A prophet is a lo xusra, though there are things which are lo xusra besides prophets.Its just a minor liberty with the translation. :-)

A better thing to point out is that I had Spanish on the brain when translating tu se mi'u di'u. I've changed the you in my translation to that now.

Besides, people are already making references to the porous prophet. Also here.