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.i ko jmive pe clani be temci .ije ko se prali

  • I'm having trouble parsing this, is it grammatically correct? --ColinWright
  • No, it isn't. pe has to link sumti with a term (more or less), not a selbri with a selbri. It's an attempt at "Live long and prosper," I presume, which might be ko ze'u jmive gi'e se prali (I don't much like se prali for "prosper" though). It's probably pretty poor as a command; likely better as .a'o do ze'u jmive... --mi'e mark
  • Ah. I use either ko ze'u jmive gi'e snada or ze'uku ko jmive gi'e snada, depending on how I'm feeling. Should we remove this exchange and edit the above to something better? --ColinWright