Statement by the Founder on the 20th anniversary of Lojban

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Sent by lojbab on 11 October 2007 to the llg-members list as part of the 2007 LLG Annual Meeting.

ca'o le nunsalci be lenu li reno se nanca la lojban kei mi tercpe loinu peisnu lei fasnu
.i mi pensi
.i mi morji la'edi'e

.i pu'okiku mi na zukte tu'a la lojban .i noda terzu'e .aucu'i .ibabo la jycybyb bilma gi'e xanka le bavra'a be leri cnino bangu
.i mi co'a zukte fi lenu le bangu cu renvi ba'o .a'o la jycybyb.

.i ca'oki la pasobizen. nanc. mi ctuca loi tadni la'ezoi gy. loglan. gy goi ly.
iku'i la jycybyb na curmi le nu mi tervecnu lei vlacku be ly ja'e lenu le tadni naka'e tadni le valsi 
.isemu'ibo pa tadni po'u la kiym stidi lenu finti loi cnino valsi befi ly .i mi po'u la lojbab .e la noras .e la tomis .uitlok 
.i'i co'a finti loi lojbo gismu tezu'e loka tadni joi pilno loi valsi

.ibabo la jycybyb xusra loi nu fukpi jitro ponse loi valsi be ly
.isemu'ibo .e'inai zukte fi loka zifre tadni joi pilno le bangu .e'icu'i

.ibabo le ci prulojbo ku joi la,djes. cu finti le cnino vlataijva .i co'a jmaji le mapti valsi be loi gismu be lei xa krabau
.isemu'ibo zukte fi loka gi'uste xagmau ly

.ibabo loi prulojbo cu simpe'i lemi zdani fau lei so'umoi jbosalci
.isemu'ibo zukte fi loka le jboce'u cu se'itru .e'e

.ibabo la noras .e mi simspebi'o .iu .ije ritli bau loi prulojbau .ibabo pamoi ke clani simta'a bau la lojban ca'o lemi'a spebi'oli'u
.isemu'ibo so'imei jbonunpli

.i ca la'o gy Evecon 88 gy kiku mi'a gubja'o la'o gy Loglan-88 gy no'u la lojban .i so'i prenu cu selci'i
.isemu'ibo lo jboce'u cu ranji banro
.i renomei nanca

.i da'okiku .i mi seja'eku morji .o'a .i caku ba'e mi na termu'i fi tu'a la lojban mu'i lenu le ba'emi terzu'e ba'o vajni .einai
.i ku'i doi lojbo ro do .e'u .eidai zukte fi da .a de .a di
.i ba'o tu'a mi kiku vrici terzu'e  .i ko cuxna je zukte .ije vrici nunsnada
.i ba'obo selmo'i ba'e do
.i ko lifri

mi'e lojbab


Translation by mungojelly as posted to the lojbanic livejournal 3 November 2007:

During the celebration of Lojban's 20th anniversary, I was asked to say a few thoughts. 
So I thought. 
And I remembered what follows: 

Before, I didn't act on Lojban. There was no reason. Then JCB was sick and worried about the future of his new language. 
I began working for the language to survive after JCB. 

So in '87 I was teaching about Loglan. 
But JCB wouldn't let me buy the Loglan word book, so the students weren't able to study the words. 
That was the reason that one student, Kyum, suggested making new words for Loglan.
So we, that is myself, Nora, and Tommy Whitlock together, began to invent gismu, in order to be able to study and use the words. 

JCB then asserted his possession of a copyright on the Loglan words.
So we acted to freely study and use the language. 

Then three early-lojbanists together with Gary Burgess invented the new word shape rule. 
And this was the time of the gathering of the corresponding words from the six languages. 
So we were trying to make an even better list than Loglan. 

Then the pre-lojbanists met together at my house, at the first few Logfests. 
Which was why the Lojbanic community became self governing. 

Then Nora and I were married and the ceremony was in prelojban. 
Then the first long conversations in Lojban were during our honeymoon. 
Because of this lojban was used a bunch. 

It was at Evecon 88 that we first publically showed Loglan-88 (Lojban). 
Many people were interested. 
And so the Lojban community continued to grow. 
20 years. 

Moving along... (not really translatable) 
I remember proudly because of something. 
Now *I'm* not the person who motivates Lojban, because *my* motives are no longer important (how freeing)! 
But I address myself to you, all you Lojbanists, you who are obligated to act for this reason, that reason, another reason. 
After me, there will be various reasons. 
You must choose and act, and have various successes. 
Then *you* will remember. 
Live life well & experience to the fullest. 

Signed, lojbab