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  • Football (nu boltipyjvi) (I assume this is for what Americans would call soccer?) That's how I'd used it, yes -- nitcion To keep it clear, let's use the terms soccer and american football since then there is no ambiguity over who gets their use of football chosen. - .kreig.daniyl.
  • How about damskrima for fencing? Where does it come from? Spanish 'Esgrima', French 'Escrime', something similar in Italian. France is the birthplace of fencing as a sport, so I say go with the French.
    • damskrima is not a valid word according to vlatai, though I'm not sure why. damrskrima sounds like it's a type of smoke. eskrima is a valid type-4. skrima is a slinku'i.
      • It should have been dambrskrima. I don't like type-4s and prefer tanru to any fu'ivla, and I thus propose dakfu xarnu bandu damba (dakfu xarnu is used to mean sword in all the lujvo involving swords on my jvoste; fencing in English is derived from the same Anglo-Saxon root word as defense). - mi'e. .kreig.daniyl.
        • "knife stubborn"? Do you mean dakfu xarci? Yes.
  • I have used kelcrkroke for croquet (Alice translation). Croquet is a sport, isn't it? :) More so than golf.
  • xarbe'e (bye; the extra phantom team added to an odd number of teams that pair to play games)