Some fables by Aesop

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Some fables by Aesop; translated from the Greek by Nick Nicholas (originally published in ju'i lobypli 16).

me le cinkrkikada. e lei manti .i caze'a le dunra le maxri noi se cimri'a ku'o lei manti goi ko'a cu se sudgau .i loke'unai cinkrkikada. goi ko'u noi xagji cu cpedu lo cidja ko'a .i lei manti cu tavba'u fi ko'u fe lu ki'u ma ca le crisa do si'anai na jmaji lo cidja li'u .i ko'u bacru <> .i ko'a noi ca cmila cu bacru <> ni'o le lisri cu se xu'apli fi ledu'u xamgu fa lenu gunka jundi roda kei fi lenu badri najenai ckape

Cicada and Ants. At the time of winter the ants dried the moistened grain. And a cicada hungering asked them for food. And the ants said to it: "For what reason in the summer did you not gather food as well?" And it said "I wasn't working, but I sang musically." And they said laughing "But if you at the time of the summer played the flute, dance in the winter." The myth shows that it is not meet that one should neglect any thing, so that s/he may not be saddened and imperiled.

me le resprtestudine. e le cicyractu .i lo resprtestudine kuce lo cicyractu leni sutra cu dabysnu .isemu'ibo lego'i noi pu zanru jdice tu'a le detri .eji'a le stuzi cu sepli bajra simjvi .ilezu'u cicyractu noi ki'u leke'a rarna ka sutra cu na'e gunka jundi lenu bajra ku'o ca'o lenu vreta te'e le dargu cu sipna .i lezu'unai resprtestudine. noi sanji leke'a ka masno na sisti lenu bajra .ije seki'ubo lego'i noi bajra zo'a le cicyractu noi sipna cu mo'u klama le stuzi sa'a pe le cnemu befi lenu jinga ni'o le se cusku cu se xu'apli fi ledu'u le rarna se ckaji noi na'e seke gunka jundi ku'o le nu troci cu so'eroi se tervlimau

Tortoise and Hare. A tortoise and a hare argued on [their] speed. So, having agreed on the date and the place, they ran [raced] apart. The hare, on the one hand, who because of its natural speed did not take pains with its running, lied down by the road and slept. The tortoise, on the other hand, being aware of its slowness, did not stop running. And thus it, running past the sleeping hare, arrived at the trophy of victory. The word shows that natural quality which has not had pains taken over it is often overpowered by effort.

me le lorxu .e le vanjba .i lo lorxu noi xagji ku'o ca lenu viska loi vanjba noi dandu lo tricu cu djica lenu cpacu ra gi'e naka'e cpacu .i lego'i ca lenu darkla cu tavba'u fi vo'a fe <> ni'o si'a so'i remna noi na'eka'e xagygau lei cuntu ki'u loka ruble cu fuzysku le tcini

Fox and grape bunch. A hungry fox, upon seeing bunches of grapes hanging from some trellis, wished to obtain them and could not. Removing itself it said to itself: They are sour. Thus too some people unable to improve things because of weakness blame the times.

me le calkrdanlrkankre .e le mamta be ri .i <> .i leke'unai calkrdanlrkankre cu bacru <> ni'o se xu'apli fi ledu'u lei pajni be lei prenu be'o cusku cu .eiro'a vrude tarti je sa'enai cadzu cei bu'a .iba'ojenaipubo.ei ra cu ctuca lenu bu'a

Crab and Mother. Not to walk crooked, a crab was told by its mother, nor to rub its sides on the wet stone. And it said: "Mother, you who teach walk straight, and watching you I will imitate." That it is meet for the critical to live and walk straight, and then to teach the same.

me le cipnrkorvo .e le lorxu .i lo cipnrkorvo noi ba'o kavbu lo rectu cu co'a zutse lo tricu .i lo lorxu noi viska ra gi'e djica lenu cpacu le rectu cu sanli gi'e zanru skicu le cipnrkorvo. ri lo xadbraxau je melbi gi'eji'a bacru ledu'u ge ra nu'o turni .ei lei cipni gi leda'inu ra cu se voksa lo xamgu cu nibli lenu pu'i turni .i le cipnrkorvo noi djica lenu jarco fi le lorxu fe lenu pu'i se voksa lo xamgu cu renro le rectu gi'e cladu krixa .i le lorxu cu bajra gi'e bacru ba'o lenu kavbu le rectu kei <> ni'o le prenu noi bebna ku'o le se cusku cu pilno se xamgu

Crow and Fox. A crow having snatched some meat sat on some tree. And a fox seeing him and wishing to obtain the meat, stood and praised it as well- proportioned and beautiful, also saying that he should indeed be king of the birds, and that this would have happened, if he had a voice. And wishing to show him that he also had a voice, he threw off the meat and shouted loudly. And having run to him and snatched the meat he said: "O Crow, and if you had brains too, nothing would be lacking for you to be king of everything." The word is opportune for a foolish man.

me le fetcinfo .e le lorxu .i lo fetcinfo noi se ckasu lo lorxu lenu ra roroi se jbena lo pamei cu bacru <> ni'o se xu'apli fi ledu'u loni xamgu cu.ei se merli fi lo klani na.e leni srana loka vrude

Lioness and Fox. A Lioness being mocked by a fox on always giving birth to one, said "One, but a lion." That the good should not be measured in quantity, but in its relation to virtue.

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