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The Rosetta Project is a project sponsored by the Long Now Foundation to produce a microetched nickel disk which will describe 1000 of the world's major languages, containing significant amounts of text duplicated in each language thus acting as a futuristic Rosetta stone.

  • Edward Cherlin sent in the Lojban Swadesh wordlist in May 2001
  • Jay Kominek sent in the basic color terms in June 2002.

The next things it would be nicest to contribute would be the detailed description and the Genesis texts. Here is a description of what the detailed description ought to consist of, taken from comment on the Old Norse detailed description:

What is required is the name of the language (with appropriate variants, if any), a detailed statement of the areas where this language is/was spoken, when the language was spoken, by approximately how many people (if possible), the languages families to which this language belongs (including the subgroupings), plus any additional information deemed relevant.

Lots of that is probably not applicable to Lojban, and maybe should be replaced with a discussion of the design criteria.