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Though it's not the only 'antarctic bird' by any means, does that expression automatically conjure up anything else for you?

  • No, it doesn't. OTOH, when I think of penguinity I don't think primarily of it being the most salient antarctic bird. In an ideal world the word for 'penguin' would be imbued with penguinity; it would waddle, be black & white, and so forth. --And Rosta

Oh, alright: 'sfenisku'.

  • that's sarcasm, right?
  • Although I still try to figure out what the other kinds of nisku are, I think that pen gwyn has been fu'ivlaed into enough languages that I prefer penguine. -phma

The etymology of dzipo 'Antarctica(n)' is the nonce lujvo dzucipni 'walking-birds',

referring to the emperor and Ad�lie penguins that are a notable feature of that continent.