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Mumble is a program frequently used for voice communication in Lojbanistan. It is free software that runs on Android, Windows, OS X, Linux and provides encryption and good sound quality. To get started, install the Mumble client and connect to a server listed below.

Download links


Start from the first server. If you can see it's not used try the next ones.

Status Address Key fingerprint
active 89e087238dbaa1be1420cdd1b1cb40a984e9eae3
active a12299909d01a80a602cd55c95e86809f6d3cc5a


It is a good idea to announce your presence on Mumble to the community, e.g. on Lojban IRC or other Lojbanic Forums, either in advance or when you're ready to start chatting. In fact, some lessons can be given by means of Mumble, inquire in #ckule to get in on them.

Recording bot

Whenever two or more people are unmuted, a bot records all activity in the alga room on the zbaga server. The recordings can be listened to here. To talk without being recorded, you can create your own room, or if moving everyone is impractical, you can send "vreji: ko na jundi" to stop it from recording and "vreji: ko zmiku" to have it resume.