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local p, __output, args, data = {}, {}, {}, mw.loadData("Module:IPA symbol/data") local id, output = function() return data.correspondences[id]["name"] end __output.wikipage = function() return data.correspondences[id]["wikipage"] end __output.soundfile = function() return data.correspondences[id]["soundfile"] end __output.type = function() return data.correspondences[id]["type"] end

local function html_error(message)

 if args.custom_error then
   return args.custom_error
   return mw.ustring.format(
     'Error using {{IPA symbol}}: %s%s'
     ,mw.title.getCurrentTitle().isContentPage and ("") or ""


function p.main(frame)

 -- all input is trimmed; accepted parameters are:
 --   name              description
 --   ====              ===========
 --   (1)               the input
 --   output            the output, one of: input; name; wikipage; soundfile; type
 --   custom_output     overwrite the output when input is empty
 --   custom_error      overwrite the error message
 for k, v in pairs(frame.args) do
   args[k] = v and mw.text.trim(v)
 if not args[1] or args[1] == "" then return args.custom_output or "" end
 id = data.symbols[args[1]]
 if not id then return html_error('"' .. args[1] .. '" not found in list') end
 return  __output[args.output] and __output[args.output]() or html_error("No such output option")


return p