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Please note the existence of The Lojban MOO.

MMORPGS come in two flavors, text and graphical. I think would be great for lojban interaction because it may help flesh out problems with the language in "actual usage". Or we may just figure out the shortest way to say "i just killed the black dragon solo and got some phat lewt!"


  • Everquest.
  • Asheron's Call.
  • Dark Age of Camelot.
    • Say coi to 'yaden' or 'gormen' (from a jboste post) in Percival/Hibernia
  • Anarchy Online.


Please note the existence of The Lojban MOO.


  • I've wanted to set up a Lojban MUSH or MOO or such for a while. Though personally I'm not very big on the role-playing aspects of it, but it would be a nice way to allow for interpersonal interactions.
    • .a'onai ze'enai zukte gi'u ze'e casnu
  • .mark.:
    • OK, technically I've actually done it. Or started to. I just haven't built anything, just installed a server that I can remember to invoke and get a MUSH called jbomu'e... Let me know if I should start running it more and a few people can help build it until it's ready for the many.
  • rab.spir:
    • Cool! I've built a few MUSHes/MUXes. I'd be willing to help. Incidentally, I don't think it should be closed off while it's being built; for the time it could at least be a place to meet which might be nicer than IRC. Is it just a standard server (Penn?), or has it been changed so things like flag names and attributes are in Lojban?
  • Pretty much out-of-the-box. I'll fire it up and send you some mail...
  • Seth Woodworth (ApproxSeth):
    • I haven't done any MUSH'es since HS but I used to be ok with PernMush software. A MUSH is a much prefferable place to hang out than an IRC channel, and I'd like to get a chance to converse with you ,all. I'd love to help out/join if I may, in a social perhaps light literary RP MUSH.