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Translating Lovecraft should be of about average difficulty. His English is basically modern, and he doesn't really play too many language tricks. There is a lot of description that would have to be kept intact, and a mood to maintain, but that's about par for the course. (Transliterating the gibberish he throws in would be amusing.)

Public domain Lovecraft texts are available at: [

Anyone] have any suggestions for a good place to start? The available pieces average between 4000 and 5000 words apiece, so a person with a fair amount of time on their hands could probably do one in a week or two.

  • The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath
    • I don't really remember much of the Lovecraft I've read in the past, but this one sort of sticks out a bit, and was decent. It is ~25k words, though. --jay

(And, as always, if one doesn't approve of a particular piece undergoing translation, one may hit the back button and pretend it doesn't exist. Thanks, have a nice day.)

There is no need to be so ongoingly apologetic about translation projects. You were in the right, man!

Oh, I'm not trying to be. That was intended as a preemptive (but polite) "may Cthulhu embrace you warmly, and then devour your soul" for people who wanted to waste time by going on about how the translation shouldn't be done. :)

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