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About Expertise

The infrastructure to do this is not in place, but I'd like people to keep it in mind as a future goal. Thanks to la tsali's accidental suggestion, allow me to suggest that we will probably charge for the certification, all proceeds to the LLG of course.

Expertise Rankings
  • Fluent: No concious thought required to speak in Lojban for any but the most complex conversations, and even then the mental work should not normally be about Lojbanic grammar or vocabulary. A good test for Fluency is whether you are able to engage in a complicated Lojban conversation whilst also doing something else, something that you could do at the same time as having a conversation in your native toungue.
  • Expert: Able to engage in conversation in Lojban with only minor and occasional pauses for thought.
  • Intermediate: Comfortable with one of Lojban grammar or Lojban vocabulary, but not both.
  • Beginner: Requires word lists to converse, not comfortable with Lojban grammar.

Note that all expertise rankings mentioned on this page are with respect to spoken, conversational Lojban only. Note further that neither Nick or Robin Lee Powell consider ourselves Fluent. Everyone else seems to consider Nick fluent, though, so this may just be that we have high standards of the word Fluency. Since I started this group, though, I get to define the terms.

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