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l4 l0jb4n p0ns3 d0

m4 5mun| la'0 ** N0i sP0fu

What's a possible translation for 'w00t'?

le'o ki'a? --tsali

I wish I knew more about the etymology of w00t. It's unique in that, unlike slang like l33t and j00, w00t has no obvious non-slang equivalent.

What DO these mean? --greg.

l33t means "elite". j00 means "you". w00t means "yay".

w00t is quite certainly an attitudinal, but it should translate to something which is not quite correct Lojban. I'd say that Lojban for w00t could be o6. It's pronounced oxa which sounds like o'a. --rab.spir

j00 could be d0, but frankly I don't think there is a serious overlap between people who say these things and people who speak l0jb4n. Some of us even use zo'o in instead of ;-). - mi'e. .kreig.daniyl.

I always thought w00t had someting to do with what. --tsali

as in ki6?

jKn'= Just Kidding ... 9o = NO!!!!!!!

ehmz.... "woot means yay"? no way. "woot" stands for "we pwned ('have beaten') the other team".


abuse of the orthography

i remember reading somewhere of the etymology of "w00t!". i believe it said it originated with "woo hoo". i think there was more to it, but my love for the halflings weed has dulled my memory.  ;-)


'w00t' is a hacker morph of the word 'root' - referring to the exlamation that they had gained root access to a computer they were hacking.