Hungarian orthography

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A Hungarian-inspired orthography was created by la zazypap. It is intended to completely mess up the way readers see word boundaries.

Its notable characteristics include:

  • Sibilants work in the expected way (c and cs also exist, just to be annoying).
  • The vowels are the same as in the standard Lojban orthography.
  • j and w are used to indicate semivowels. When these letters are doubled, they indicate initial rather than final glides.
  • Lojban /'/ is indicated by h between two vowels. Lojban /x/ is denoted hh between two vowels and h elsewhere.
  • As in Hungarian, 'words' are stressed on the first syllable. This is what messes up actual word boundaries so dramatically. Moreover, a word cannot begin with a consonant cluster, also like in Hungarian. An apostrophe at the beginning of a text indicates that the first syllable in it is not stressed.

Here is selcuxtu'a written in this orthography. Can you read it?

'idojszel pahi tumlanojsz tuna zsemnai riszna fagrifalozazy zsiheiszelsuh tuhai verskafilo nolvriirolob radisunoroj guntadoi hhamsziis manaimli biheib lanu canidoi melbifalo pemsieloszelpamnunziheszel szagmejilonun mirsajbelodo lansisusamgusznun zsihailora tarsielora szolribabahenaman bihoidojtumsolszolsolszelpamymle bahigahudozs mivefalo caniivaholonu donhajkejmihag lekilonumro bihoszevahudo