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The Complete Lojban Language

la xunre cukta

Note that the book The Complete Lojban Language is still considered by quite a few new learners as the best tutorial although by design this wasn't meant to be any tutorial.

Namely, the order of chapters may seem to be arbitrary to those who wish to use this book to study Lojban. So one recommendation is ... to read various sections from the book randomly. If you don't understand something skip to another part.

If you still wish to try something else here are some newish tutorials.

Newer methods

search the dictionary
la sutysisku.png
la camxes is an automatic grammar checker of Lojban utterances. It can help you to understand the structure and correctness of sentences.

'Learn Lojban' course

A course teaching Lojban from its formal foundations but in simple words and lots of usage examples.

Lojban cards

a rapid-fire overview of the grammar in small pieces


Lojban in simple phrases

Also available in PDF.

You may translate and adapt this course to your native language if it's not already there.

try searching for arbitrary words in

the database of sentences La Muplis.png

Some of the sentences are not proofread by fluent speakers of Lojban.


a free opensource platform for studying Lojban with the aid of interactive exercises.

Wave Lessons

a popular textbook

My First Lojban

Learn the foundations of Lojban grammar by reading the light-hearted conversations between three girls.

Lojban guide

Provides hover translations of both sentences/phrases and words they contain.

Simple Lojban in phrases

A flashcard course on memrise.com.

Memrise.com offers other vocabulary flashcards online.

Anki is a downloadable alternative; search for "Lojban" in it.

A book with pictures and English translations

Learning with context: about this method ...

Join the chat lo-se-irci.svg

and try talking to other Lojbanists when they appear there. Try asking them questions.

yt-lesson in lojban i.png
«Lessons in Lojban» by Dustin Lacewell