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A sample of Blissymbols, the writing system devised by Charles K. Bliss in the 1940's.

Available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. About the author.

bliss-about.png about, bliss-action.png action, bliss-addition.png addition, bliss-adult .png adult, bliss-after.png after,
bliss-against.png against, bliss-ago.png ago, bliss-agreement.png agreement, bliss-air.png air, bliss-airplane .png airplane,
bliss-all.png all, bliss-allow.png allow, bliss-along with,in addition to.png along with, in addition to, bliss-and.png and, bliss-animal.png animal,
bliss-answer.png answer, bliss-arm.png arm, bliss-asking.png ask, bliss-awake .png awake, bliss-baby .png baby,
bliss-back person.png back, bliss-backward.png backward, bliss-bad.png bad, bliss-baggage,suitcase.png baggage, bliss-being(inanimated) .png be (inanimated),
bliss-because=cause which.png because, bliss-bed.png bed, bliss-before.png before, bliss-between.png between, bliss-bird.png bird,
bliss-Blissymbols.png Blissymbols ("world writing"), bliss-blood=life fluid .png blood ("life fluid"), bliss-boat.png boat, bliss-body.png body, bliss-bone.png bone,
bliss-book.png book, bliss-boy .png boy, bliss-bus.png bus, bliss-but.png but, bliss-by(means of).png by (means of),
bliss-car .png car, bliss-cause.png cause, bliss-chain.png chain, bliss-chair.png chair, bliss-child .png child,
bliss-children .png children, bliss-clock.png clock, bliss-cloth.png cloth, bliss-clothing.png clothing, bliss-colour .png colour,
bliss-coming.png come, bliss-commerce .png commerce, bliss-compel.png compel, bliss-conscience.png conscience, bliss-considerate,thoughtful.png considerate,
bliss-container.png container, bliss-country,nation,state.png country, bliss-couple.png couple, bliss-couple(heterosexual).png couple (hetero), bliss-couple(homosexual).png couple (homo),
bliss-cup,glass.png cup (glass), bliss-cup,mug.png cup (mug), bliss-daughter.png daughter, bliss-day.png day, bliss-decision.png decision,
bliss-destruction.png destruction, bliss-difficult.png difficult, bliss-dish .png dish, bliss-disk.png disk, bliss-division.png division,
bliss-doctor=medicine man.png doctor ("medicine person"), bliss-door.png door, bliss-downward,down.png down, downward, bliss-drink .png drink (n.), bliss-drinking .png drink (v.),
bliss-ear.png ear, bliss-eating .png eat, bliss-effect.png effect, bliss-electricity.png electricity, bliss-electromagnetic radiation.png electromagnetism,
bliss-emotion.png emotion, bliss-enclosure.png enclosure, bliss-evaluation.png evaluation, bliss-event .png event, bliss-exchanging.png exchange (v.),
bliss-eye .png eye, bliss-face.png face, bliss-fact .png fact, bliss-far.png far, bliss-father.png father,
bliss-feeling.png feel, bliss-feelings.png feelings, bliss-female.png female, bliss-finger.png finger, bliss-fire.png fire,
bliss-fish.png fish, bliss-flag.png flag, bliss-flower .png flower, bliss-food .png food, bliss-foot.png foot,
bliss-for(the purpose of).png for (the purpose of), bliss-fork.png fork, bliss-forward.png forward, bliss-free.png free ("feeling open"), bliss-future.png future,
bliss-garden .png garden, bliss-gas .png gas, bliss-receiving,getting.png get (receive), bliss-girl .png girl, bliss-giving.png give,
bliss-going.png go, bliss-god.png god, bliss-good.png good, bliss-grain.png grain, bliss-grass.png grass,
bliss-ground,earth.png ground, bliss-grove=many trees.png grove ("many trees"), bliss-hair.png hair, bliss-hair(of head).png hair (of head), bliss-hand.png hand,
bliss-happy=emotion up.png happy ("emotion up"), bliss-having.png have, bliss-he.png he, bliss-he-she.png he or she ("3rd person"), bliss-head.png head,
bliss-health.png health, bliss-healthy.png healthy, bliss-hear.png hear, bliss-heart.png heart, bliss-help,helping.png help,
bliss-her.png her (adj.), bliss-high.png high, bliss-his.png his, bliss-his-her.png his or her, bliss-holy.png holy,
bliss-horse .png horse, bliss-hospital=medicine house.png hospital ("medicine house"), bliss-house,building.png house (building), bliss-how=what action.png how ("by what action"), bliss-husband.png husband,
bliss-I.png I, bliss-idea.png idea, bliss-illness.png illness, bliss-in.png in, bliss-inside,in.png inside,
bliss-interval.png interval, bliss-into.png into, bliss-it.png it, bliss-journey .png journey, bliss-kiss .png kiss,
bliss-knife,sword.png knife, sword, bliss-knowing.png know, bliss-knowledge.png knowledge, bliss-lake=much water.png lake ("much water"), bliss-language .png language,
bliss-large,big.png large, bliss-last,previous.png last (previous), bliss-left.png left, bliss-legs&feet.png legs, bliss-length.png length,
bliss-relation con,less than.png less than, bliss-life,living being,live,exist.png life, bliss-light .png light, bliss-lightning.png lightning, bliss-limits.png limits,
bliss-line.png line, bliss-long.png long, bliss-love.png love, bliss-low.png low, bliss-machine .png machine,
bliss-make,making.png making, bliss-man.png man, bliss-maybe .png maybe, bliss-meaning .png meaning, bliss-medicine.png medicine,
bliss-metaphor .png metaphor, bliss-mind.png mind, bliss-money .png money, bliss-month.png month, bliss-moon.png moon,
bliss-more.png more, bliss-relation pro,greater than.png more than, bliss-morning.png morning, bliss-most.png most, bliss-mother.png mother,
bliss-mountain.png mountain, bliss-mouth .png mouth, bliss-multiplication.png multiplication, bliss-muscle.png muscle, bliss-music note .png note (music),
bliss-my.png my, bliss-name .png name, bliss-nature,creation.png nature (creation), bliss-near.png near, bliss-need.png need (n.),
bliss-needing.png need (v.), bliss-next,future.png next (future), bliss-night.png night, bliss-no.png no!, bliss-nose.png nose,
bliss-now.png now, bliss-observation .png observation, bliss-on.png on, bliss-open.png open, bliss-opinion .png opinion,
bliss-opposition.png opposition, bliss-other.png other, bliss-our.png our, bliss-out.png out, bliss-outside,out.png outside,
bliss-page,paper.png paper (page), bliss-parent.png parent, bliss-part.png part, bliss-past.png past, bliss-pen.png pen,
bliss-person.png person, bliss-place.png place, bliss-planet.png planet, bliss-plant .png plant, bliss-please=intense emotion.png please! ("intense emotion"),
bliss-pointing.png pointing, bliss-positive.png positive, bliss-possess.png possession, bliss-post.png post, bliss-practice=work repetition.png practice ("repeated work"),
bliss-present.png present, bliss-protection.png protection, bliss-purpose.png purpose, bliss-question.png question, bliss-quick.png quick,
bliss-rain.png rain, bliss-raw material.png raw material, bliss-read (see a page) .png read ("see a page"), bliss-copy,repetition.png repetition, copy, bliss-right.png right,
bliss-ring .png ring, bliss-room.png room, bliss-sad=emotion down.png sad ("emotion down"), bliss-same.png same, bliss-science.png science,
bliss-seeing .png see, bliss-self.png self, bliss-selfish.png selfish, bliss-she.png she, bliss-short.png short,
bliss-sitting(person).png sitting, bliss-sky.png sky, bliss-son.png son, bliss-sound.png sound, bliss-speaking,saying .png speak, say,
bliss-spoke,said .png spoke, said, bliss-spoon.png spoon, bliss-stairs,steps.png stairs, bliss-star.png star, bliss-steam.png steam,
bliss-stone.png stone, bliss-strength.png strength, bliss-strong.png strong, bliss-subtraction.png subtraction, bliss-success.png success,
bliss-successful.png successful, bliss-sun.png sun, bliss-supernatural.png supernatural, bliss-table.png table, bliss-taste .png taste,
bliss-teenager .png teenager, bliss-that(conj.).png that (conj.), bliss-that.png that (adj.), bliss-their.png their, bliss-then(future).png then (future),
bliss-then(past).png then (past), bliss-therefore.png therefore, bliss-they.png they, bliss-thick.png thick, bliss-thin.png thin,
bliss-thing.png thing, bliss-thinking,minding.png think, bliss-this.png this, bliss-time.png time, bliss-to(dat.).png to (dative),
bliss-toe.png toe, bliss-tomorrow=day next.png tomorrow ("next day"), bliss-tool.png tool, bliss-tooth.png tooth, bliss-towards.png towards,
bliss-transport .png transport, bliss-tree.png tree, bliss-understanding.png understand, bliss-upward,up.png up, upward, bliss-use.png use,
bliss-village=many buildings.png village ("many buildings"), bliss-waking .png wake, bliss-walking.png walk, bliss-wanting=feeling fire.png want ("feel fire"), bliss-war.png war,
bliss-water.png water, bliss-we.png we, bliss-week=7days.png week, bliss-what.png what, bliss-wheel .png wheel,
bliss-when=what time.png when ("what time"), bliss-where.png where, bliss-which=what part.png which ("what part"), bliss-who=what person.png who ("what person"), bliss-why=what cause.png why ("what cause"),
bliss-wide.png wide, bliss-wife.png wife, bliss-wind.png window, bliss-wings.png wings, bliss-wishing.png wish,
bliss-with(the help of).png with (the help of), bliss-woman.png woman, bliss-word=part of language .png word ("part of language"), bliss-work.png work (n.),
bliss-working.png work (v.), bliss-world.png world, bliss-writing.png write, bliss-year.png year, bliss-yes.png yes,
bliss-yesterday=day previous.png yesterday ("previous day"), bliss-thou,you(sg.).png you, thou, bliss-thy,your(sg.).png your, thy.