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As an aid to sort out our differences regarding BPFK Section: Irrealis Attitudinals, and possibly to guide further work on the Attitudinals checkpoint, the relevant issues are recorded here.

Feel free to edit, but to keep the page manageable, we prefer that you only edit the paragraphs related to your own opinions. Thank you.

Veto issues


The connection between ai nai and the keyword "refusal" is too entrenched in usage to depart from.

  • Arnt Richard

No redundancy between scalar negation of attitudinal and bridi negation

ai nai cannot impart the same meaning on a sentence as that of ai on the negation of that sentence, i.e. ai nai broda != ai na broda

  • Robin
  • Ted

Non-veto issues

Abolition of irrealis

There should be no irrealis attitudinals.

  • Ted

Gismu deep structure in attitudinals

Nothing should be expressible as attitudinals that are not also expressible as bridis.

  • Ted


The opposites of the attitudinals are part of a system, from which the current definition of {ai nai}, {e'o nai} and {e'o cu'i} deviates.

  • Jorge


It is inconvenient that there is no attitudinal for "accidental".

  • Jorge