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The new old concept: Autocorrection of places

This topic be updated as not everything is fleshed out yet.

Basically it belongs to N-paradigm topic of Loglan.

So ...

  1. Autocorrection is when FA-less sentences like zo coi cusku mi are autocorrected into fe zo coi cusku fa mi because they are meaningless otherwise.
  2. Such autocorrection activates only when you put a sumti into a place that can't contain this type of sumti.
    mi dunda ti mi has only one meaning, though: fa mi fe ti fi mi dunda.
  3. Autocorrection goes from the left to the right. E.g. let's take mi cusku do. cusku1 is filled correctly so dont touch it. cusku2 is not, then try cusku3. Well, cusku3 can accept do. Try to fix next places ...

What are the sumti types? All Lojban sumti can be divided either to astrato/naly'astrato (abstract /non-abstract) or to {bridi}, {fasnu}, {selsku}, {namcu}, {dacti}

In other words:

  1. To explicitly use numbered places use FA
  2. FA-less filling sumti places is flexible allowing putting them in non-standard places due to the fact that some places can take only abstractions (NU, astrata) and some only objects (naly'astrata).

What if more than two places are of the same type?

Then by default the place with the lower number is considered. Thus mi viska do would still mean fa mi viska fe do, not otherwise.

What if I want to say nonsense?

FA is at your disposal.

fa lo nu citka lo plise cu djica mi - probably complete nonsense. It doesn't autocorrect itself due to FA.

Not fleshed out proposals (for now ignore the following)

If a brivla has two places: a NU one and an object one, then they can be placed in any position and "by standard" place can be optionally expressed using ma'i and "about" places using pe or zo'u:

ko'a broda lo ka brode = lo ka brode vau broda ko'e

This immediately fixes a large number of gismu even if their place structure was damaged in past:

do fanza ma'i mi lo ka dukse tavla
do bebna ma'i mi lo ka pinxe lo dertu djacu
mi cpedu lo nu do sidju mi [vau zi'o]
mi pikci lo nu do sidju mi

u'e! I don't have to remember their place structure now! Very nice.


sekai is also fine for ka places but ... it's a 2-syllable one. I dont think kai can be autocorected into sekai because otherwise how would u answer kai ma? Tags are like FA in that they explicitly refer to a numbered place.

But ... we have CuV and CiV cmavo space unfilled.

do fanza mia mi kia lo ka dukse tavla ?

Bad news:

There are gismu with more than one NU place. For those gismu the order of sumti is still important:

lo nu mi tikpa vau rinka lo nu do farlu

Some gismu will require moving their places into separate gismu:

mi djuno lo du'u do stati vau fi'o ziljijnu lo du'u do facki da
mi djuno lo du'u do stati vau vau je jijnu lo du'u do facki da
ziljijnu - x1 (NU) is an/the epistemology of x2 (NU) although a gismu might be needed here

Also we can use ziljijnu for jinvi4 etc.