la .teris. po'u lo tirxu cu vitke zi'o le barda tcadu

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la teris. po'u le tirxu cu vitke zi'o le barda tcadu

.i la'edi'u se finti je se fanva la maikl. turnianskis.

ni'o la teris. po'u le tirxu ge'u .e lei pendo no'u la .elis. po'u le xanto ge'u joi la zo,is. po'u le xirmrxipotigre cu xabju le cicricfoi .i la teris. ta'e djica le nu vitke zi'o le barda tcadu noi lei vinji ga'u voikla ke'a

.isemu'ibo ca pa donri la teris. co'a dzukla le barda tcadu

.i la teris. za klama lo rirxe gi'e retsku fi lo finpe be di'o ry. fu le du'u dakau cu pluta le tcadu .i le finpe cu spuda ty. ko'a goi lu ko cadzu mo'i ne'a le rirxe fi'o seldei li ci .ibabo do viska ru li'u

.i la teris. se gidva ko'a .ijebo mo'u le cimoi donri la teris. viska le tcadu .uicai tergu'i .i cnidu'e .isemu'ibo la teris. jdice le du'u cadzu ca'o le piro nicte

.i co'a le cerni la teris. klamu'o le zarci di'o le tcadu korbi .i nanla .i lu .iicai tirxu li'u se cusku le nanla .i lu .iicai nanla li'u se cusku la teris. to le nanla ku fa'u la teris. pu noroi zgana lo tirxu ku fa'u lo nanla toi .i le nanla no'u la mulis. cu ganse le ka le tirxu cu pendo ku gi'e te preti le nu la teris. djica le nu te jarco tu'a le tcadu my.

.i lu .iesai ku'i mi ba'e ca djica le nu mi sipna .i mi mutce tatpi li'u se cusku la teris.

.i lu je'e .i mi'o zifre le nu klama le mi zdani li'u se cusku la mulis.

.iseki'ubo le remei cu cadzu seka'a le zdani be la mulis.

.i ca le nu klamu'o ra ku la mulis. cu retsku fi le my. mamta fe lu e'o xu mi zifre le nu bevri lo tirxu le zdani li'u

.i lu go'i doi mulis. li'u se cusku le mamta .iki'ubo ri jinvi le du'u la mulis. selxarkei

.iseki'ubo la mulis. bevri la teris. le my. kumfa .ijebo ty. co'a sipna di'o le loldi ca'o le nu my. klama le bartu mu'i le nu kelci

.i le mamta za krixa lu doi mulis. pu'o vacysai .i doi mulis. uanai li'u .i ra klama le la mulis kumfa gi'e viska la teris. noi sipna .i ra co'a krixa lu .iicai lo tirxu pu citka le bersa be mi .i doi pulji ko sidju .i ko sidju .i doi pulji .i tirxu .i tirxu .i ko sidju li'u gi'e to'o bajra

.i le savru cu cikygau la teris. .i ri pi'egre le canko gi'e bajra se ka'a lety. zdani be di'o le cicricfoi ku gi'e nupre le za'i ba noroi cliva le cicricfoi


Now listen to it

.aionys. has done a reading of this story, in Ogg Vorbis format.

There is also a recording of it by selpahi as part of his Corpus Readings, on YouTube.

English translation

Terry the Tiger Visits the Big City

created and translated by Michael Turniansky

Terry the Tiger lived with his friends Elly the Elephant and Zoe the Zebra in the jungle. Terry always wanted to visit the big city, where the planes flew overhead to.

So one day, Terry started to walk to the big city.

Soon, Terry came to a river, and asked a fish in it the way to the city. The fish told Terry he should walk along the river for three days, and then he would see it.

Terry followed its advice. At the end of the third day, Terry saw the city (Hooray!) lights. O, joy! So Terry decided to continue walking the whole night long.

In the morning, Terry arrived at the marketplace which was at the edge of the city. There was a boy there. "Aiee! A tiger!" said the boy. "Aiee! A boy!" said Terry (for the boy had never seen a tiger before, and Terry had never seen a boy before). The boy, who was Mooli, could tell that Terry was friendly, so he asked Terry if he would like to be shown the city.

"Oh, yes! But what I really want right now is some sleep. I'm very tired," said Terry.

"Okay, we can go to my house," said Mooli.

So the two of them walked to Mooli's house.

When they got to his house, Mooli asked his mother, "Is it okay if I bring a tiger home?"

"Sure, Mooli" said his mother, because she thought he was just pretending.

So he brought Terry to his room, and Terry went to sleep on the floor, while Mooli went oustide to play.

A while later, his mother called, "Mooli, time for dinner... Mooli?" She went to Mooli's room and saw Terry, who was sleeping. She cried out, "Aaaah! A tiger has eaten my son! Police, help! Help! Police! Tiger! Tiger! Help!" and ran out.

The noise woke Terry, who leaped through the window, and ran back to his home in the jungle, promising never again to leave it.

The End::

This text is placed under the CC-by-nc license by it’s author.