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This page is a list of proposed translations for the special keys found on the computer keyboard. It's not finished yet and needs examples, feel free to discuss on the discussion page!

For letters, digits and other writable characters, see List of ASCII letterals.

Other keyboard key names not listed here are expressed by prefixing with la'e ASCII characters they denote.

Name Lojban
Ctrl la'e jitro bu
Enter la'e linji bu
Return la'e ni'o bu
Shift la'e tau bu
Caps Lock la'e ga'e bu
Alt la'e drata bu
Command la'e pezli bu
Windows la'e .uindos. bu
Left arrow la'e zu'a bu
Right arrow la'e ri'u bu
Up arrow la'e ga'u bu
Down arrow la'e ni'a bu
Insert la'e setca bu
Delete la'e vimcu bu
Escape la'e dicra bu
F1 - F12
Tabulator la'e sepli bu
Page up
Page down
Break la'e sisti bu
Print Screen la'e prigau bu
System Request
Num Lock
Scroll Lock
Numpad 0 - Numpad 9
Numpad +
Numpad -
Numpad *
Numpad /
Numpad .
Numpad Enter
Meta (emacs/80s-lisp modifier key)
Hyper (emacs/80s-lisp modifier key)
Super (emacs/80s-lisp modifier key)

Example sentences

To be written.