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== 2015 ==
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* '''9 April 2015''' A [ game of Diplomacy] is launched, with all negotiations to be carried out in Lojban. xorxes won a [ previous game], which was played from February-April 2012.
* '''30 March 2015''' Thanks to the efforts of [[La Gleki]] and [[User:Robin Lee Powell|Robin]], the [[LMW|Lojbanic MediaWiki]] was rededicated as the new main web site. The older site is still available at [] for the time being.
* '''22 March 2015''' Following the [[BPFK Reauthorization|reauthorization of BPFK]], [[La Selpa'i]] was elected as the chair of [[baupla fuzykamni|BPFK]] as part of the ongoing [[LLG Meeting Announcement 2014|2014 Annual Meeting]]. A slate of [[BPFK Members|members]] were also elected: Pierre Abbat, [[La Gleki]], durka42, [[La Ilmen]], [[La Xorxes]], [[La Xalbo]], And Rosta and [[La Guskant]].
* '''24 February 2015''' [[LLG Members]] at the [[LLG Meeting Announcement 2014|2014 Annual Meeting]] approved a [[BPFK Reauthorization|reauthorization]] of [[baupla fuzykamni|BPFK]]. BPFK is reorganized as a standing committee with the charge of improving and maintaining formal descriptions of Lojban, elaborating undocumented and under-documented language features, resolving inconsistencies and errors in existing documentation, and responding to issues that arise in usage.
* '''15 February 2015''' A [ review of formatting issues in the Prince PDF build of CLL] started on February 1. A [ continuous build], which picks up changes as they are committed to the shared repository and then generates an updated PDF, was created by durka42 to aid this effort. After two weeks, 7 out of 19 chapters have been reviewed.
* '''17 January 2015''' An IRC session of the [[LLG Meeting Announcement 2014|2014 Annual Meeting]] has been announced for Sunday, January 18, 2015, to take place in the #lojban channel at at 4pm UTC (8am PST, 11am EST, 5pm Paris/Berlin, 7pm Moscow, 1am January 19 Tokyo). The topic of the session will be CLL and the future of BPFK. See the [[Lojban IRC]] for details of how to connect to IRC.
* '''13 January 2015''' [[John Cowan]] was awarded the [[LLG Honorary Officers|honorary title]] of "Archgrammarian" or "balgenpre" in recognition of the magnitude of his contributions to Lojban, and his many years as a member, director and officer of LLG.
* '''10 January 2015''' The 2014 election for the Logical Language Group Board of Directors, held among members at the [[LLG Meeting Announcement 2014|2014 Annual Meeting]] (ongoing), was finalized: Arkadii Balandin, Craig B. Daniel, Ali Sajid Imani, Riley Martinez-Lynch, and And Rosta were newly elected to the Board. Robert LeChevalier and Timo Paulssen were re-elected.
== 2014 ==
* '''15 December 2014''' At the [[LLG Meeting Announcement 2014|2014 Annual Meeting of LLG]] (ongoing), an unprecedented nine lojbanists from six different countries were admitted as voting members of the Logical Language Group. Welcome az, durka, gleki, guskant, ilmen, mukti, selpa'i, tsani, and xalbo!
* '''15 November 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 9]", the tenth and final episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {skari} ("color") and it includes texts by keidji, niftg, mukti, xorxes, and junpen on that topic, as well as readings by mizu'e and durka42.
* '''3 November 2014''' The 2014 annual member's meeting of [[The Logical Language Group]] convened on November 3. The meeting will be conducted on the [ llg-members mailing list] with at least one IRC session to be announced. Please respond to the [!topic/lojban/thV52S9d6hc announcement] on the lojban-list if you do not currently have access to llg-members, but you wish to observe or participate in the meeting. The agenda includes [ a clarification of bylaw amendments that were approved at the 2003 meeting] and a discussion of [[Official Baseline Statement (2002/2003)|baseline policies]].
* '''31 October 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 8]", the ninth episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is '''fulta''' (''floating'') and it includes chef mankant's recipe for a floating island, and texts on that subject from la durka and la niftg. Submissions are requested by November 8 for the next episode (theme: '''skari''' - ''color''), to be published November 15. bripre and mankant are taking a well deserved vacation, so this will be the last episode for the time being.
* '''18 October 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 7]", the eigth episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {santa} ("umbrella") and it includes texts on that subject from graywyvern, lojytan, niftg, durka42 and mukti. Submissions are requested by October 25 for the next episode (theme: {fulta} -- "floating"), to be published November 1.
* '''6 October 2014''' "[ lo jbobau cu mo]", a new "jbo-rap" by selpa'i, featuring danr, Ilmen, and durka42 is released. It is described as a "commentary on the current situation in 'Lojbanistan'" and "a call to action."
* '''4 October 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 6]", the seventh episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {xutla} ("smooth/silky/soft") and it includes texts on that subject from niftg, junpen and ilmen. Submissions are requested by October 11 for the next episode (theme: {santa} -- "umbrella"), to be published October 18.
* '''27 September 2014''' Martin Bays releases [ tersmu 0.2], a "semantic parser" for lojban, implemented in Haskell. It transforms lojban input into expressions of first order logic.
* '''22 September 2014''' Robin Lee Powell [ announces progress on the forthcoming update of "The Complete Lojban Language"], and asks for volunteers to help prepare it for print.
* '''20 September 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 5]", the sixth episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {bajra} ("to run") and it includes a text on that subject from niftg, a translation of XKCD animated and read by durka, and an eleatic footrace between mankant and the "dog". Submissions are requested by September 27 for the next episode (theme: {xutla} -- "smooth/silky/soft"), to be published October 4.
* '''5 September 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 4]", the fifth episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {kukte} ("delicious/delightful") and it includes texts on that subject from niftg, durka, tsani, mukti, and junpen, and a reading by selpa'i. Submissions are requested by September 13 for the next episode (theme: {bajra} -- "run"), to be published September 20.
* '''23 August 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 3]", the fourth episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {fagri} ("fire") and it includes submissions on that subject from stefan, niftg, mukti, junpen and durka. Submissions are requested by August 30 for the next episode (theme: {fagri} -- "fire"), to be published September 6.
* '''2 August 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 2]", the third episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {litru} ("travel") and it includes submissions on that subject from keidji, tsani, niftg , and junpen, and a reading by selpa'i. Submissions are requested by August 16 for the next episode (theme: {fagri} -- "fire"), to be published August 23.
* '''20 July 2014''' "[ bripre jikca 1]", the second episode of "[ bripre jikca]", is now available. The theme is {panci} ("smell") and it includes writings and translations on that subject from numerous jbopre. Submissions are requested by July 26 for the next episode (theme: {litru} -- "travel"), to be published August 2.
* '''5 July 2014''' guskant starts a new video podcast, "[ bripre jikca]". The theme of the first episode is {nicte} ("night"), and it includes a translation of the poem "[ Quiet Night Thought]" by Li Pai. Submissions are requested by July 12 for the next episode, theme {panci} ("smell"), to be published July 19
* '''5 April 2014''' danr [!topic/lojban/sGoK80yVNPI announces] the release of "[|korpora zei sisku]", a new corpus indexing and search system.
* '''5 March 2014''' selpa'i releases his second original song, «[ lo mi jufra]»
== 2013 ==
* '''24 December 2013''' selpa'i publishes [ a translation of L. Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"].
* '''10 December 2013''' Slate's" Lexicon Alley" podcast features [ an interview with Arika Okrent about lojban].
* '''4 October 2013''' guskant releases a recording of «[ la tcungatcangas pe mu sofybakni zi'e noi xorlo je xorla]», a translation of the Russian song «Tcungatcangas», including original artwork
* '''7 June 2013''' guskant releases «[ ro roi za'u re'u ji'a]»
* '''3 June 2013''' selpa'i releases an original song, «[ ca pa djedi]»
* '''29 April 2013''' Masato Hagiwara releases [ camxes.js], a javascript port of the [ camxes PEG parser].
* '''19 April 2013''' lojbab and Nora are [!topic/lojban/OWqJt0hcMQY invited] to [ speak to the "Artificial Languages" class at the College of William and Mary].
* '''4-6 January 2013''' 25th anniversary LogFest is celebrated in Fairfax, VA.
* '''2 January 2013''' [ Zoltan Istvan's "Transhumanist Wager"], a science fiction novel which references lojban, is published.
== 2012 ==
* '''29 December 2012''' timo presents [ a lightning talk about lojban] at the 29th Chaos Communication Congress, Hamburg, Germany.
* '''10 December 2012''' [ "Ihmisen tila - The Human Condition", an original play by Jyrki Pylväs] is premiered in Helsinki, Finland. It includes [ a monologue in lojban] translated by selpa'i.
* '''24 September 2012''' gleki [!topic/lojban/TIjuYKAIjqc%5B1-25-false%5D announces] the launch of the [ Lojbanic Mediawiki].
* '''26 August 2012''' guskant releases [ la crisa ditcu] on YouTube.
* '''12 June 2012''' Robin Lee Powell, the full member of BPFK committee suggested the idea of a Lojban hackathon; that is, a time period strictly devoted to that sort of thing, ideally in person, but at least with real-time communication throughout. Currently Lojban comunity has a very long list of programming and programming-like (CLLv1.1) things that need to happen around here. Interested may write [!topic/lojban/SAlyiNkAvrw here].
* '''7 June 2012''' jbonunsla, the sometimes-annual social gathering for members of the  Lojban community, will be held this year in the San Francisco Bay Area, in which many Lojbanists reside. It will be held primarily on Saturday, 7 July 2012 and Sunday, 8 July 2012.  The gathering will take place in a shared hotel room in San Mateo: Read [!topic/lojban/KtHm8qDKniM details].
* '''24 February 2012''' If you still like the feel of a book, you'll love this. An illustrated hard copy of the xorxes translation of 'Alice in Wonderland' is finally available. The book, 'lo selfri be la .alis. bei bu'u la selmacygu'e', can be found in the bookstore on the [ Blurb] website. Blurb is one of the leading print-on-demand service providers in the USA.
== 2011 ==
* '''22 August 2011''' The Lojban community's annual convention, [ jbonunsla], happened over 4th of July weekend in San Mateo, California, USA. Lojbanists from all around the country convened to a single point to participate in conversation in Lojban, gaming in Lojban, and open floor activities. Pictures have been taken of the event and can be seen on the [ 2011 jbonunsla page].
* '''23 June 2011''' The Lojban community's annual convention, [ Logfest] (known in Lojban as [ jbonunsla]), will be held on Saturday July 2 and Sunday July 3 at the [ Holiday Inn] in San Mateo, California, USA. Experienced lojbanists who want to talk in Lojban, newbies who want to meet some of the key people in the community, and anybody who is just interested are all invited to attend what promises to be a mind-blowing experience. Attendees can travel easily from the following airports, in order of convenience: San Francisco International Airport, San Jose Airport, and Oakland International Airport. Locals with cars are available for pickup if necessary. For more information contact [ Robin Powell].
* '''3 June 2011''' Here is a well-presented [ update] on how language shapes "the most fundamental dimensions of human experiences: space, time, causality and relationships to others." [ Loglan], from which Lojban evolved, was originally designed to test this very idea. Although this has received diminished attention since that time, there appears to be a resurgence of interest in the scientific community.
* '''18 April 2011''' [ "Introductory Lojban"] is a student-run one-credit course that will be offered at [ Rice University] in Houston, USA, starting August 23, 2011. The course length is 14 weeks, with each lesson lasting 1 hour. Registration is required for full participation. However, anyone is welcome to "sit in", but should contact the course presenter, Joe Anderson, beforehand. Each Rice-registered student will be provided with a copy of the [ Lojban Reference Manual]. By the end of the course, students should know the basic structure of Lojban and be able to converse in it readily. For more information, contact the course presenter, [ Joe Anderson].
* '''12 April 2011''' An [ Arabic version of the home page] has been added to this web site. This is the last of the world's major languages (the six used for creating "gismu" - Lojban's root words) in which the home page of this site has been translated. In addition, the translation has been done for another eleven languages.
* '''5 March 2011''' March marks the first anniversary of the setting up of the Japanese-language Google Group [ "lojban-soudan"]. The group currently has about fifteen members. A lojban study group at Tokyo University is in the process of creating a [ partial translation] of the Lojban Reference Manual (CLL). There is also a Lojban Club at Osaka University, [ one of whose members] is enhancing and updating the Japanese pages of this wiki.
* '''12 February 2011''' A [ Finnish version of the home page] has been added to this web site.
* '''5 February 2011''' A [ French-language home page] has been added to this website. Hopefully, this will draw more francophones across the world to Lojban. The home page is now available in 16 languages. More will be added in an effort to futher "internationalize" the lojban community.
* '''20 January 2011''' In an effort to broaden the appeal of Lojban in India, home pages in the [ Hindi] and [ Kannada] languages have been added to this website. Hindi is one of two official languages of India and is spoken by close to 200M people worldwide. Kannada is the official language of the state of Karnataka which is the location of Bangalore and the centre of India's burgeoning IT industry.
* '''6 January 2011''' All four Lojban Wave lessons have been translated into Polish and are available on [ GoogleDocs]. Hopefully, this will spread the Word in Poland where there is already a small but vibrant Lojban community!
ay== 2010 ==
* '''18 December 2010''' Are you a newbie and ready for your first read? Are you more experienced and would like to take on the challenge of introducing your children to a story in Lojban? Either way, you'll want to take a look at a new translation by [ Remo Dentato] of [ If I had a Pet Dinasaur] by Gil Robles. It's in full colour, nicely illustrated and a wonderful quick read!
* '''25 November 2010''' Today, [ Jan Szejko] (ianek) gave a short presentation on Lojban to students at the renowned Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw in Poland. Students from this faculty have twice won first place at the world finals of the [ ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest].
* '''18 November 2010''' A [ mind map] of [ Lojban word types] has been made available on the [ cheat sheet page] of this website. This should be a particularly useful learning aid for beginners with strong visual memory. Check out the [ Learning] page for more information on how to start learning Lojban.
* '''12 October 2010''' The 2010 Annual Meeting of the Logical Language Group Inc. has closed. Bob LeChevalier (USA), Arnt Johansen (Norway) and Robin Powell (USA) were re-elected to the [ Board]. They are joined by two new members: Timo Paulssen (Germany) and Veijo Vilva (Finland).
* '''6 October 2010''' Yesterday Willem Larsen, one of the creators of the language fluency game "[ Where are your Keys?], published a blog entry called "[ The Playful World of Conlangs]" to the "[ Where are your Keys?] blog. Lojban is given special mention as one of the constructed languages which has a "Where are your Keys?" community.
* '''5 October 2010''' Alan Post has announced that [ "lo do ckiku ma zvati]("Where are your Keys?") can now be played by e-mail [ "Where are your Keys?"] is a language fluency game that is quickly gaining in popularity among Lojban neophytes. In it's initial version, it was played interactively - requiring students to be available at the same time. The e-mail version will make it easier for students in different time zones to participate. If you are interested in playing, please [ join] the group.
* '''1 October 2010''' Starting today, Polish lojbanists have their own mailing list [ lojban-pl]. The Polish group is currently deciding which Lojban resources to translate into Polish first. [ Marek Rogalski] is the contact. Poland is expected to be fertile ground for Lojban, having a great tradition in the field of constructed languages. Ludwik (Leyzer) Zamenhoff, the creator of Esperanto, was born in Bialystok in 1859.
* '''9 September 2010''' A new children's book [ le lunra jo'u le mapku] is available. This is a translation by [ Remo Dentato] of [ The Moon and the Cap], written in India. This full colour PDF-format book looks just like the original, and will be a great way to introduce your children to the joys of Lojban.
* '''12 August 2010''' Leo Molas will give a presentation on Lojban at the upcoming [ "Jornadas del Sur"] convention on Monday, August 16, in Bahia Blanca, Argentina. The subject of the convention, which lasts from Saturday, August 14 to Monday, August 16, is free software and free culture. Leo's presentation will cover: What is Lojban? History. Sapir-Whorf Hyphothesis. Why learn Lojban? Basic grammar. For more information, contact [ Leo].
* '''9 August 2010''' The 2010 Annual Meeting of the Logical Language Group Inc, will commence on 21 August 2010 at approximately 1PM EDT, on the [ llg-members list]. The meeting will be conducted by email. Members should be checking their members list email at least daily. Non-members who may be interested in becoming formal members of LLG should also attend. Please read the [ bylaws] of the LLG in advance of the meeting, and perhaps a few of the minutes of prior meetings, so that you have some idea what membership is all about; the LLG typically accepts anyone who shows evidence of sufficient interest and awareness of what they are signing up for. To get access privileges to the llg-members list, non-members should contact LLG Secretary [ Robin Powell], preferably on [ IRC Chat].
* '''25 July 2010''' Starting July 27, 2010, Lojban enthusiasts in the San Francisco area of the USA will meet together at regular intervals each month to communicate in and about Lojban. The venue is the home of Stephen Weeks in Mountainview. The format and content of these meetings will be set during the first meetings. The seriously curious as well as experienced lojbanists are welcome. Contact [ Stephen] if you are interested in particpating.
* '''19 July 2010''' A new milestone has been reached with the implementation of over 600 Lojban's structure words ('cmavo') on []. Now, the whole of Lojban's basic vocabulary of root words, their conversions and structure words can be studied using one of the most effective learning tools currently available. is an adaptive flashcard system that includes audio, advanced tracking features based on a unique learning algorithm, and provides an applet for the iPhone. To take a look, go to the site, type 'Lojban' in the Search box, sign-up and start learing!
* '''4 July 2010''' Lojbanists [ Jorge Llambias] and [ Leo Molas] have proposed complete sets of Lojban words for all countries, languages and currencies, basing them on ISO codes. A systematic approach to the use of these codes has enabled a virtually automatic process for producing such words - one likely to work for future, as yet unspecified codes. The sets can be found at [], [], [] and []. Lojban words derived from foreign words or external sources are known as 'fu'ivla'. The proposal is a solution to a problem that all constructed languages share. How do you go about efficiently translating tens of thousands of words that have evolved in natural languages over thousands of years within the constraints imposed by your own language rule?'.
* '''22 June 2010''' All of Lojban's approximately 1300 'gismu' (root-words), along with their 'rafsi' (short versions of the root-words) are now implemented in the [ Quizlet] flashcard memorization website. Grouped alphabetically in 28 sets, they bring the total of Lojban word sets to 169. This huge selection of sets, grouped in so many different ways, significantly facilitates vocabulary learning. By comparison, Esperanto has 274 sets, Interlingua 22, Toki Pona 22, Ido 18, Klingon 10.
* '''7 May 2010''' [ Logfest 2010] took place from April 30 - May 2 at [ PenguiCon] 2010 in Troy, Michigan, and was a great success. Nine serious Lojbanists attended, and we attracted 3 or 4 newbies. Courtesy of Axis, here is a picture of most of the attendees, and a couple of newbies, attending a lesson.
* '''3 May 2010''' The popular children's story book [ The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight] has been translated into Lojban by Andrew Piekarski and reviewed by Michael Turiansky. It can be listened to (download [ totus reads The Berenstain Bears Get in a Fight]) as well as read. For devotees of exotic scripts, a Tengwar version is available (download [ 'lo la BERenstain. cribe co'a simda'a' written in Tengwar]). Michael Turiansky did the first translation of one of the Berenstain Bears series - [ The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin].
* '''4 Apr 2010''' The Lojban community's annual convention, [ Logfest] (known in Lojban as [ jbonunsla]), will be held during April 30 - May 2 this year at [ Penguicon 2010] in Troy, Michigan in the USA. Experienced lojbanists who want to talk in Lojban, newbies who want to meet some of the key people in the community, and anybody who is just interested are all invited to attend what promises to be a mind-blowing experience. For more information contact [ Matt Arnold].
* '''23 Mar 2010''' The first stage of implementing Lojban vocabulary on [] has been completed. All 1300 of Lojban's root words ('gismu') can now be studied along with some 3,500 derived words ('gismu sumti'). These are organized into 'lessons', three of which are now ready. Additional lessons for learning over 600 structure words ('cmavo') are now in development. is an adaptive flashcard learning tool that includes audio, advanced tracking features based on a unique learning algorithm, and provides an applet for the iPhone. To take a look, go to the site, type 'Lojban' in the Search box, sign-up and start learing!
* '''10 Mar 2010''' Students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have started a Lojban Society. Hosting weekly meetings in a local pub, the group has 12 members after its first month. The group is to provide a social environment for people sharing an interest in Lojban and, in the future, act as a resource for Lojban-related projects at the University. Certainly repeatable at any university (or anywhere for that matter!). To find out more, contact [].
* '''2 Mar 2010''' [ "Where are your Keys?"] is a language fluency game that rapidly builds fluency in a language by making the techniques used to teach language transparent to the student so they can be used for self-directed learning. A "Where are your Keys?" website focused specifically toward learning Lojban is now online: [ "lo do ckiku ma zvati"]. Come and play "lo do ckiku ma zvati!" Contact [ Alan Post] for more information.
* '''19 Feb 2010''' An invitation has been made by an author on [ The Sporum], the official Spore forum, for a discussion about Lojban. If you have an opinion to share with others, go for it! Spore is a popular multi-genre single-player metaverse god game published by Electronic Arts. The forum has a Science and Spore section for participants who are science buffs.
* '''3 Feb 2010''' Work has started on making available to students of Lojban vocabulary. At its core, [] is an adaptive flashcard learning tool but with audio and advanced tracking features. A review can be found [ here]. Beginners will find learning lojban vocabulary using fun and fast! If you already have a basic knowledge of lojban pronunciation and know how gismu work, and would like to contribute to this project, contact [ Jon "Top Hat" Jones].
* '''5 Jan 2010''' Today, BBC Radio 4 aired another episode of its Word of Mouth program. Lojban was discussed along with Esperanto, Láadan and Klingon. To listen to it, download [ BBC program on constructed languages.]
== 2009 ==
* '''30 Nov 2009''' [ The Complete Lojban Language] by John Woldemar Cowan is now available to buy from, and just in time for the holiday season. Treat yourself or someone special!
* '''1 Aug 2009''' [ jbotcan], the lojbanic channel, is back up. It features anonymous imageboards, an rss feed that collects news from all over and more goodies! Be sure to check it out!
== 2007 ==
* '''14 May 2007''' Today, Timo and Cizra released their animation short '''lai citno melbi pinpedi'''. You can [ watch it on Google Video now]! If that title sounds familiar, you may have seen [ this comic strip] before. In other news, the same Timo has been busy creating Jbobac, a Lojbanic audio board that anyone can post to. Just point your browser to [], and join the action!
== 2006 ==
* '''1 December 2006''' [ Welcome, xkcd readers]! Join some [ Lojbanic Forums]. The Lojban-speaking community loves xkcd, so getting xkcd'ed is as good as getting Slashdotted, Dugg or Farked. The author of xkcd is expressing a sentiment similar to Groucho Marx's statement, "I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members." [[File:icon_smile.gif|:-)]] We can definitely laugh at ourselves, and exposure to xkcd's target audience (math, linguistics, and sarcasm) will probably result in at least one more participant in our hobby.
* '''27 October 2006''' ''Today'' I'm going to send in the Lojban group registration for Philcon. Email me your name and address and PayPal your registration now. I mean right now!
* '''20 October 2006''' Only ''one week left'' to get in on the Lojban group's discount rate to register for [ Philcon] in Philadelphia, the science fiction convention where the annual Lojban Festival will be held on November 17 through 19. See [ jbonunsla 2006] for details, including our stellar Lojbanic guest list and schedule of events. We now have two rooms to put you up in if your expenses are tight. You can still register after we send in the group registration, but it will cost more. It might be the most fun Lojbanic meeting ever. I'm serious, now is the time to get in on this! -Eppcott
* '''03 October 2006''' [ The Lojban community blog on Livejournal] is now embedded on [ the Lojban homepage], as part of the plan discussed in[ Friday's entry]. Prepare for a digest of all the Lojbanic goodness the web has to offer! You don't have to have a [ Livejournal account] to subscribe to [ the web feed]. You do need an LJ account to post, but if you don't want to get an LJ account you can just send your contribution to [ Matt Arnold] who will post it to the blog for you.
* '''12 September 2006''' Lojban was mentioned in [ an article in the Wall Street Journal], "How Hartmut Pilch, Avid Computer Geek, Bested Microsoft", by Mary Jacoby. The free sample text made available online reads as follows:
<div>BRUSSELS — A proposal here to create a new European patents court has the support of Microsoft Corp., Siemens AG and many other giants of Western industry. But can it survive an attack from Hartmut Pilch?
A 43-year-old linguist from Munich, Mr. Pilch speaks Chinese, Japanese and an artificial language called Lojban intended to eliminate ambiguity and promoted by some programmers. He is the unlikely leader of a movement of self-styled computer geeks out to sink a patents plan they say would stifle software programmers.
"Patents on software mean any programmer can be sued at any time," says Mr. Pilch, ...</div>
* '''28 August 2006''' The next Lojban Fest for 2006 will be held at [ Philcon] in Philadelphia, November 17 through 19, 2006. Check out the page[ jbonunsla 2006] for the schedule and attendees so far, as well as registration details. Newcomers are especially welcome to join us! Keep checking the schedule as we continue to work with the [ Klingon Language Institute] about the possibility of collaborative content between Lojban and Klingon at Philcon!
* '''20 July 2006''' Have you visited the land where Lojban is spoken? It's called [ samxarmuj], meaning "computerized imaginary universe". It's a text-based world on the internet, where you can operate a character using commands in either English or Lojban: the online software is bilingual. Lojban is like the language of magic in [ samxarmuj]--speaking it can bring objects into existence and give them form and function. You don't even need a plane ticket. Just [ click here] and use the password "moo" to log in as a guest until you have your own account. Commands are typed in the bottom-most part of the window. Guest accounts are limited to using English, so type the "register" command to get your own account. It's totally free. More information, including other ways to access samxarmuj, is available at the wiki page about [ The Lojban MOO]. Intense labor on the part of many skilled programmers in our community has brought forth one of the most exciting venues in which to use Lojban that this language has ever had. Today, the software leaves Beta. It is with bated breath that we launch this massively multiplayer system and declare it ready for the public. But now we need to massively populate it. We are currently summoning new mages of every skill level. Come build your own part of the land. Although you do not have to speak Lojban to adventure in the land as it forms out of the nothingness around us, all spells must be cast in correct Lojban. Whatever power hears our descriptions of [ samxarmuj], and turns them into reality, will respond to no other language. This land also welcome tourists with no skill in Lojban at all. Feel free to ask us any question about how to use the system. With enough interest, we may even be able to establish the Lojbanic equivalent of a Hogwarts academy for novice Lojban magicians! Who knows? Welcome to [ samxarmuj]! Go native!
* '''4 May 2006''' [ jbonunsla 2006] was held at [ Penguicon] in Michigan, April 21-23 2006. Next up for [ jbonunsla 2006] will be [ Philcon 2006] in November!
* '''24 Mar 2006''' [ jbonunsla 2006], a celebration of the Logical Language, will be held at the science fiction convention and open source software expo [ Penguicon] in Michigan, April 21-23 2006. This does not exclude others hosting LogFests of their own in 2006.
* '''4 Jan 2006''' [ Logfest] was held at PhilCon in Philadelphia from December 9th to December 11th. It was a quite successful event, despite a turnout that was a bit lower than expected. More details in the page about [ Logfest 2005].
== 2005 ==
* '''13 Nov 2005''' As the Secretary, I apologize for the lateness of this announcement, but I only got full confirmation 10 days ago myself. [ Philcon - The Philadelphia Conference of Science Fiction and Fantasy] has agreed to have a room set aside for LogFest 2005! Philcon 2005 is being held at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown on December 9th-11th, 2005. That's '''IN 26 DAYS'''! I know that's really, really short notice, but if we can get enough people to show up, they'll do it for us next year too, and hopefully that relationship will continue far into the future. People showing up for LogFest '''will''' have to buy PhilCon memberships. Please let me know if that, or any other aspect of these arrangements, provides an unacceptable financial burden to you. I, and others, are willing to help put up some money for active Lojbanists who want to come. We don't know how big the room is going to be yet, but I've told them we expect about 10 people.
* '''5 Sep 2005''' ''Complete site overhaul!'' Most of the content has been moved from a set of static HTML pages to a [ TikiWiki] content management system. The number of changes caused by this are too long to list. In addition, the [ LLG 2004 Annual Meeting Minutes] have been posted.
== 2004 ==
* '''2 May 2004''' A variety of minor bug fixes were done on the site, as well as some more major items. The front page was returned to CSS, XHTML and Bobby Level 3 compliance. The problem with clicking on one of the maps causing the maps to stop functioning was fixed. A couple of one-sheet brochures were added to [ the brochures page]. The 25 November 2002 Board Meeting minutes were added. The 2003 annual meeting minutes were added.
== 2003 == 
* '''10 September 2003''' What is Lojban? is now available for purchase! The site is now available, at least partially, in a variety of different languages. The vast majority of the site has been marked up in a way to make easy translation possible, but not all of the actual translation has been done. If you want to help, please contact the webmaster. Also, there is now a web-based IRC client available on the Forums page. The French and Spanish Lojban lists are now available. A Lojbanic translation program has been installed.
* '''11 May 2003''' Some bylaw changes from 1992 were incorporated. Split off of Old Projects into a seperate page, many changes (mostly minor) to the projects and committees pages. Markup changes all over the place. The full changes list can be found at [ the Aegis change page for change number 144].
* '''7 April 2003''' This is the first site update in a long time, and as such it's a big one. The site now has [ Request Tracker] set up, and that is being used to manage necessary changes. The Level 0 book was added to the main site, a Helping Lojban page, a Help page, and a Feedback page were all added, and jbovlaste and Request Tracker were both linked in.
== 2002 ==
* '''30 December 2002''' An IRC logging system has been set up. See [ the Lojbanic Forums page]. Also, many pages have been edited to point to as the official wiki site, which will continue to be the right place even if someone else takes it over.
* '''28 November 2002''' The new [[Official Baseline Statement (2002/2003)|Baseline Statement]], from the LLG has been posted.
* '''14 November 2002''' Addition to the [ Official Projects Page], minor fixes and updates.
* '''24 October 2002''' A [ Promotional Materials] page has been created. Also, I've made a [ Community Files Area], which is a TWiki (a web-based colloborative space).
* '''21 October 2002''' The [ Lojban FAQ] has been updated and moved and revamped and such. .uisai Thanks go to [ Dalton Graham] for doing most of the work.
* '''23 September 2002''' There has been a major revamp of the Resources section. It has a lot more information in it now.
* '''18 September 2002''' The old minutes of the LLG have been posted, thanks to [ Jay Kominek]. He also html formatted the bylaws. See [ the LLG publications page]. The [ official LLG Projects] page has been constructed. Please submit anything you are working on! An [ official LLG Committees] page has also been added. An interactive story has been added; see [ the original lojbanic texts page].
* '''9 August 2002''' As may be obvious, I just made some drastic changes to the layout of the site. Please let me ([]) know what you think!
* '''23 July 2002''' LogFest, the annual gathering of lojbanists, is this coming weekend. Also, the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Members of the LLG will be held  on Sunday, July 28th (during LogFest). The 2002 Annual Meeting of the Members of the LLG will be held at 1030AM EDT on Sunday July 28, 2002 at lojbab's house, 2904 Beau Lane, Fairfax VA 22031 USA. There being insufficient notice as required, no bylaw changes can be considered. LogFest mostly consists of a bunch of people hanging out at lojbab's house, talking in and about lojban. The annual meeting always occurs during LogFest.
* '''1 July 2002''' There was a major (several day) downtime of this site, due to bad RAM, which in turn caused file system corruption. The problem has been solved, and this machine now has a new, larger hard drive, as well as a completely new operating system (NetBSD 1.5.2). In addition, since the last update this machine has gotten a much faster processor and been moved into a co-location facility with a connection to the internet that is close to 300Mb/s.
* '''2 May 2002''' Minor website updates have been made. In particular, the contents of the Learning Lojban sections have been slightly improved, and many relative links have been fixed.
* '''18 April 2002''' Amazing news! The first draft of the Alice In Wonderland translation appears to be complete. The only things missing are a couple of the chapter titles and one stanza of a poem, as of this writing. Please go take a look in the Translations section!
== Older News ==
* [ 26 May 2000]

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