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nice fu'ivla forms are those forms that don't contain VVV, CC/C or CCCC groups, which can never appear in lujvo, and start with one or two consonants. These nice forms are the ones that sit most comfortably among native Lojban forms. These forms are:

6-letter nice fu'ivla

  • CVVC/CV ma'agni
  • CCVVCV tce'exo

7-letter nice fu'ivla

  • CVVCCVV saispai (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVCCCV saispra (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVC/CVCV sarpasa
  • CVCCCVV sasprai (VV must be a diphthong)
  • CVC/CCVV sarprai
  • CCVVC/CV spaipsa
  • CCVCVCV spapapa

8-letter nice fu'ivla

  • CVVC/CVCV paurtaki
  • CVVCCCVV paustrai (final VV must be diphthong)
  • CVVC/CCVV paurtra'i
  • CVC/CVVCV partaika
  • CVC/CVCVV partakai
  • CCVVCVCV praitaki
  • CCVVCCVV praitrai
  • CCVVCCCV praistra
  • CCVCVVCV prataiki
  • CCVCVCVV pratakai
  • CCVC/CVCV mlongena
  • CCVCCCVV prastrai

9-letter nice fu'ivla

  • CVVC/CVVCV pairtaika
  • CVVC/CVCCV paintakra (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVC/CCVCV paintraka (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVC/CVCVCV partakana
  • CVC/CCVVCV partraika
  • CCVVCVVCV praitaika
  • CCVVCVCVV praitakai
  • CCVVCVCCV praitakra
  • CCVVCCCVV praistrai
  • CCVCVVC/CV pratairka
  • CCVCVCVCV pratakana
  • CCVCCVVCV pratraika
  • CCVC/CVCVV prartakai
  • CCVC/CVCCV prartakra
  • CCVCCVC/CV pratrarka

10-letter nice fu'ivla

  • CVVC/CVVCVV painkaitai (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVC/CVVCCV painkaitra (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVC/CVCVCV pairkatana
  • CVVC/CVCCVV painkatrai (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVC/CVCCCV painkastra (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVC/CCVVCV pairkraita
  • CVVC/CCVCVV painkratai (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVC/CCVCCV painkratra (second C different from 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVC/CVVCVCV parkaitana
  • CVC/CVCVVCV parkataina
  • CVC/CVCVCVV parkatanai
  • CVC/CVCVCCV parkatasna
  • CVC/CVCCVCV parkatrana
  • CVC/CVCCCVV parkastrai
  • CVC/CCVVCVV parkraitai
  • CVC/CCVVCCV parkraitra
  • CVC/CCVCVCV parkratana
  • CVC/CCVCCVV parkratrai
  • CVC/CCVCCCV parkrastra
  • CCVVCVVC/CV praikairta
  • CCVVCVCVCV praikatana
  • CCVVCCVVCV praikraita
  • CCVVC/CVCVV prairkatai
  • CCVVC/CVCCV prairlatra
  • CCVVCCVC/CV praikrarta
  • CCVVCCCVCV praiskrata
  • CCVCVVCVCV prakaitana
  • CCVCVVCCVV prakaitrai
  • CCVCVVCCCV prakaistra
  • CCVCVCVVCV prakataina
  • CCVCVCVCVV prakatanai
  • CCVCVCVCCV prakatasna
  • CCVCVCCVCV prakatrana
  • CCVCVCCCVV prakastrai
  • CCVCCVVC/CV prakrairta
  • CCVCCVCVCV prakratana
  • CCVCCCVC/CV praskrarta

Forms in bold are those that can have rafsi.