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This system is offline. The text below is for historical reference only.

The files are a series of "from" and "to" sections. If you delete the "from" section and replace it with the translation, it won't be able to identify what it's supposed to translate.

Therefore DO NOT change ANY text between ~np~":1::startblock" and ":::translation"~/np~. Put your translated text after the ":::translation" line. And for the love of all that's good, do NOT change the ~np~:::~/np~ lines, including the starblock line, in an ANY way.

Thank you.

Lojban Web Page Translations

The links here:

are to the automated translation catalogs for lojban.org.

To use them, enter your translation of the English between the ~np~:::translation~/np~ and ~np~:::endblock~/np~ lines.

Your changes will be reflected on the appropriate version of the site in approximately half an hour.

Do NOT change the formatting in ANY way. Pretty please.

-- Main.RobinLeePowell


TWiki is NOT able to link to pages with non-ASCII characters in them! It can store such characters

just fine (please use utf-8!), but it cannot link to page names containing

them, so please don't try!

Old Pages

The stuff below is translations in a different format entirely, back when I thought doing it that way was a good idea. They are here only to provide fodder for the new translations, and possibly for historical interest.