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"In this section you will find a summary of major changes since 1.1. It is "

"not a complete list. In general, all things have been tweaked for balance in "

"some way.\n\n"

"We hope you enjoy playing. Your support gives us valuable data and "

"feedback as we work to bring you Tremulous 1.2. Please report all bugs. Thank "



"Alien Healing"


"The most important change for Alien players to know is that their healing "

"rate is slower away from creep. To counter this, healing near Boosters "

"and Basilisks is greatly accelerated.\n\n"

"Watch the health cross icon on your "

"HUD to see what your healing rate is. If the icon glows, you are on "

"creep. If you are near a booster or basilisk, you will see two "

"(2X healing) or four (3X healing) barbs around the health cross."


"Build-point Changes"


"Structures destroyed by enemy players will not immediately become available "

"for reuse, but instead enter a queue. Build points will gradually leave the "

"queue to become available again, at a rate proportional to the amount of "

"points in the queue.\n\n Repeaters can be built at any stage and come with 20 "

"BP that can only be used nearby to facilitate making small outposts. Aliens "

"do not have a structure that provides additional buildpoints, but they have 150 "

"overall BP to compensate."


"Marked Deconstruction"


"The deconstruction method has changed. Buildables are no longer instantly "

"deconstructed. Instead, a deconstruct mark appears on the health bar. "

"Go ahead and build a new buildable somewhere else and the old one will "

"be removed automatically. Buildables that are about to be removed by "

"constructing the selected buildable glow red."


"Alien Buildables"


"Nearly useless in 1.1, Barricades now have more health, are cheaper to "

"build, and will shrink to allow Aliens to pass over them. Acid tubes "

"will fire from behind barricades, providing a formidable defense. "

"Experiment with blocking off hallways and building staged defenses, but "

"keep in mind that low ceilings will prevent Tyrants from returning inside "

"the base. Hives are also much improved to become worth building in stage 3."


"Human Buildables"


"Turrets now have a small spin up delay before firing, but they have "

"increased range and damage output.\n\n"

"To protect against small Aliens getting inside "

"the base, build Tesla Generators at Stage 3. Tesla Generators no longer "

"require the Defense Computer to function. Instead, the Defense Computer "

"will automatically repair Human buildables. Tesla Generators can fire "

"over turrets. "


"Human Weapons"


"Most of the human projeciles have a small volume now, making them more "

"effective against smaller targets.\n"

"The Lucifer Cannon projectile can be fired faster but now takes longer "

"to charge. You will be able to hear your teammates overcharge "

"their Lucifer Cannon.\n"

"The Flamer projectile now gains more of the velocity of its wielder, "

"making it easier to chase down aliens without burning yourself to a "

"crisp. Other weapons also have smaller changes."


"Lag Correction"


"While the Tremulous implementation of Neil Toronto's unlagged is "

"becoming widely accepted, we also implement client-side improvements "

"not possible in 1.1 servers. For those who insist on leading their "

"attacks, setting cg_unlagged to 0 will disable backward reconcilliation "

"on your hitscan weapons."




"The sprint bind has changed from \"boost\" to \"+button8\"; you can bind it "

"in the options menu or in the console (\\bind shift +button8). Now, instead "

"of tapping the button while moving to start sprinting, just hold it down "

"and let go to stop. Alternately, you can change this to a toggle behavior "

"with cg_sprintToggle. \n\n"




"Humans also have a new movement ability: dodge. You can bind it in the "

"options menu or the console (\\bind shift +button6). When strafing or "

"walking backwards, press the dodge key to make a quick, low jump. You "

"can bind this to the same key as sprint in the console with \\bind shift "

"\"+button8; +button6\""




"Headshots on unarmored humans only cause 150% damage. Battlesuit and "

"helmet protection have been reduced so headshot damage remains the same."




"Dretches are slightly faster and can now damage any human structure while it "

"is still building, but can no longer damage turrets and teslas that "

"have been completed."




"Basilisks provide regeneration boosting auras to nearby teammates: 2x "

"from regular and 3x from advanced basilisks. Their footsteps are also "

"silent for greater stealth."




"The Adv. Marauder's electric shock damage is no longer split between its "

"targets, making it more effective against large groups of humans and "

"buildables. Targets are now chosen slightly differently: instead of "

"each new chain section originating from the previous target, it will "

"originate from the first target."




"Advanced dragoons are now available at stage 2. Both dragoons have the "

"range of their chomp attacks lowered, but their pounce attacks are much "

"more useful. Try to use pounce to pin a human to the wall before chomping."




"The Tyrant is now a weaker class as its health has been lowered and "

"turret damage is greater. To counter this, Tyrants can charge for longer "

"periods of time, hit targets multiple times in a single charge, "

"and crush any Humans they land on top of. Trample charge does not "

"instantly release when full but can be held for two seconds. Trample "

"attacks on a human pinned against a wall are VERY powerful. Use this to "

"your advantage. The Tyrant's healing aura has been removed; find a "

"booster or a basilisk to heal faster."