free modifier 32

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free_modifier_32 : free_modifier_A_33 free_modifier_A_33 free_modifier_32 ;

The containing phrase of one or more free modifiers. Note that this is a

right-recursive structure, which is not the ordinary direction in the

Lojban grammar. It is not clear why this is so.

All of these free modifiers are supposed to be able to appear anywhere

in a sentence.

In general, free modifier sequences can appear almost anywhere in a

sentence. In practice, though, this is not the case. Here is the

beginning of what will some day be a complete list of the exceptions:

  • Inside a number/lerfu-string/lerfu-word
  • Inside a simple-tense-modal
  • Inside a zei-lujvo, because they are merged into a single token by a preparser rule (parse step 4a).
  • Inside a connective (ek, jek, joik, gihek, gek, guhek, gik)
  • Inside a vocative head
  • somewhere else?

Note that this rule does not include UI attitudinals,

because this is covered by a special lexer rule that attaches them to

the preceding tokens (parse step 4e), and in the cases where attitudinals precede a

whole sentence or utterance, indicators_411 is referenced directly in

those rules.