exhaustive list of short fu'ivla forms

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When worrying about whether or not a word is legal, please recall that all brivla must be stressed on the second to last syllable.

"nice fu'ivla forms" are those forms that don't contain VVV, CC/C or CCCC groups, which can never appear in lujvo, and start with one or two consonants. These nice forms are the ones that sit most comfortably among native Lojban forms.

4-letter fu'ivla

  • VCCV iglu alga (in all cases where CC is allowed non-initially, C/C is also allowed. Those are not listed separately.

5-letter fu'ivla

  • CCVVV praia
  • CCCVV spra'i (VV can't be a diphthong)
  • VCCVV ostoi
  • VCCCV astro
  • VVCCV uiski

Notably, CCVCV and CVCCV aren't present in the above list, as those are the forms used by gismu.

6-letter fu'ivla

  • CVVC/CV ma'agni
  • CVCC/CV saprka
  • CCVVVV brai'oi
  • CCVVCV tce'exo
  • CCCVVV stroia
  • CCCCVV tsmla'i (VV can't be a diphthong) (camxes won't like this form because of the initial cluster)
  • VC/CVVV iksoia
  • VC/CVCV odbenu
  • VCCCVV astroi (VV must be a diphthong)
  • VC/CCVV aksroi
  • VCC/CVV asrkoi
  • VCCCCV astrgo
  • VVCCVV iandau
  • VVCCCV iastro
  • VVVCCV uaisto

7-letter fu'ivla

  • CVVVCCV sa'aispa
  • CVVCCVV saispai (the second C can't be 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVVCCCV saispra (the second C can't be 'r' or 'nr')
  • CVC/CVVV sarpaia
  • CVC/CVCV sarpasa
  • CVCCCVV sasprai (VV must be a diphthong)
  • CVC/CCVV sarprai
  • CVCC/CVV sabrpai
  • CVCCCCV satspra
  • CCVVVVV spaiaia
  • CCVVVCV spaiapa
  • CCVVC/CV spaipsa
  • CCVCVVV spapaia
  • CCVCVCV spapapa
  • CCVCC/CV spaprka
  • CCCVVVV spraiai
  • CCCVVCV spraika
  • CCCVC/CV jglandi
  • CCCCVVV tsmlaia (dubious initial cluster)
  • CCCCVCV tsmlatu (dubious initial cluster)
  • CCCCCVV stsmla'u (stsml? Is that legal?)Why not? (dubious initial cluster)
  • VC/CVVVV apsaiai
  • VC/CVCVV apsapai (what! no spapai above to make this a+spapai???)spapai is lujvo
  • VC/CVVCV apsaipa
  • VC/CVCCV apsaspa
  • VCCVC/CV aspapsa
  • VC/CCVVV arpraia
  • VCC/CVVV asrkaia
  • VCCCVCV eskrima (why not skrima in the 6s?)skrima fails slinku'i test
  • VCCCCVV asrstai
  • VCCCCCV asprkra
  • VVCCCCV aitsmla
  • VVC/CCVV ainstai
  • VVCC/CVV aisrpai
  • VVC/CVCV airpasa
  • VVC/CVVV airpaia
  • VVVCCCV uaispra
  • VVVCCVV uaispai