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la blazda = la blanu zdani = the giant house that corwin has in kormuj that all of his children that were born there, grew up in. There are a lot of mysteries in la blazda . The building itself is squarish will lots of squarish towers. The center tower is very difficult to reach. It is painted with a fairy blue color.

It has several libraries in English, Hindi, French, Thari(la lojban/lo jbo bau), Chinese ,Spanish, Bengali , Urdu , Arabic , Portuguese , Russian , Japanese , German and others.

His children on kormuj have been taught that Earth is a myth and thari is a dead language.

Earth isn't exactly a myth, it's a Shadow. That's what you've been told about Earth. It's a Shadow, and everything of Shadow is temporary and insubstantial. You can go to a Shadow that's like the Earth in the stories, but it wouldn't be the same place, really, with the same individual people. You could go to the place in Shadow which was the Earth of the stories, but it would have changed dramatically. In fact Earth has changed dramatically. It has been hundreds of years since the end of the Amber books in Earth time. So who knows what Earth is like now.

But anyway about La Blazda. La Blazda is painted the color ridbla, fairy-blue, it's true. It's somewhat well known-- a common rumor-- that the crida wanted to paint it ridri'o, fairy-green, and Corwin insisted on ridbla. Most crida houses are ridri'o-- ridri'o is very hard to see as long as there are any trees around: Even a single tree is enough for a whole large house to hide behind, if it's painted ridri'o. But a house painted ridbla is invisible against the sky, and La Blazda is built upon a hill.

Inside of La Blazda are the only "civilized" people in Ralted (ralju zei terdi, this primary world where La Blazda is). There are hanging gardens, fine cuisine, soft pillows, running water, tapestries. Outside there are tribes living in the wilderness, trying to survive amongst the crida.

More later. :) mi'e selkik