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Please note that this is for historical interest only; Jay no longer runs this site. He wasn't removed from power or anything, he just gave it away.

As there are now complaints of fascism on my part, I'm going to make an attempt to codify my policy:

  1. This Wiki is intended to contain information pertaining to Lojban.
    • As a corallary, things written in Lojban are acceptable.
    • Examples of things which pertain to Lojban: Linguistics, Computer Science, Philosophy (of language, thought or computation). Loglan, constructed languages, the construction of languages.
    • Metadiscussion of the Wiki is not appropriate, but will normally be left undisturbed.
  1. Free-expression is allowed until it hinders the goal of containing information pertaining to Lojban.
    • Free-expression may be further limited on a broader basis for parties who seem to be acting against the further usefulness of the Wiki.
  1. As a Wiki-user, the only rights I guarantee are:
    • You may have personal information about yourself required to maintain your personal privacy removed from the Wiki.
    • You may also demand reasonable attribution. For instance, you cannot expect that every item produced by yourself be attributed unless you maintain that attribution. I will however work to remove falsified attributions.
  1. If you act annoying, chances are, you'll annoy me. At that point, please note that you have no rights in association with this Wiki, except those explicitly guaranteed above.
  1. All contributions to the Wiki, and thus all content are considered to become the property of the Wikimaster, who in turn, places it in the public domain. Works such as poetry and literature which are placed on the Wiki are exceptions, and remain the personal intellectual property of the contributor. However by placing the intellectual property on the Wiki, they grant all Wiki users permission to view, and make personal copies of the intellectual property. The Wikimaster is granted the further right to redistribute the work for the advancement of Lojban. In no case does the Wikimaster expect exclusive rights to any material.
  1. The Wikimaster reserves the right to deny use of the Wiki to any and all parties at any time without prior warning. The Wikimaster, however, notes that except in cases of maintaining a user's personal privacy, access to the online backups of the Wiki will not be taken from anyone. Thus, anyone may make a copy of the entire Wiki at any time.
    • The Wikimaster is even a nice enough guy that if you need a copy of the Wiki in a different format, he will see what he can do.

In summary, it is my goal to act as a benign dictator. I am certainly not an elected official acting in a democracy, and users would do well to remember that.

Please note that the personal policy of the Wikimaster with regards to Lojban has little or no bearing on the execution of WikiPolicy. Further, personal statements made by the Wikimaster about an idea or position should not be construed as being censorous. "I don't like you or your opinion" is not a prelude to "I'm going to censor your opinion". The first only requires the Wikimaster type, the second requires that the Wikimaster exert unlimited amounts of energy to keep the opinion suppressed.

The Wikimaster could find better things to do with unlimited amounts of energy, if he had it.

- Jay Kominek, 11/26/2001