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This version is superceded by version 1.2.4. All the links to version 1.2.3 now link to 1.2.4.


geklojban-1.2.3 is an unofficial version of CLL (The Complete Lojban Language) book.

geklojban-1.2.3 is not necessarily approved by the LLG (Logical Language Group) and therefore is not recommended for adoption.

The only reason for its existence is to test new features and send it for approval to the LLG.

How to use

Short list of changes

  • Dotside implemented
  • "cmene" and "cmevla" concepts are now separated
  • sumti tcita is renamed to sumtcita
  • mi kucli le jei broda is now mi kucli tu'a le jei broda
  • Dictionary with examples is now technically possible: the glossary can now have examples below definitions of words (and does so for the word coi as a showcase)
  • rafsi for su'u, za'i, zu'o, pu'u, mu'e are changed according to the cmavo.txt from year 2002.
  • immense amount of mistypes and minor errors fixed

Your actions

Technical details

The files above are produced from