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I have been involved in Loglan/Lojban since about 1978, on and off. I was part of a group attempting to speak it in Oxford in the late 70's, and one in Cambridge in the early 80's.

The period when Lojban separated from Loglan happened to be one of the times when I wasn't involved for a couple of years, so I missed out; but when I came back and found Lojban, I was annoyed at all the words I had to relearn (and a few old Loglan words still sometimes come unbidden when I'm looking for a Lojgan one), but delighted with some of the redesigns of the grammar, particularly the unification of space/time/manner/cause phrases, the unpicking of the veridical/non-veridical and mass/individual distinctions, and the imperative pronoun ko.

Since I moved to Bradford, in Yorkshire, I had a brief period speaking Lojban with Andrew Smith, but have done very little for several years.

I believe that I am responsible for complicating the grammar of Lojban to introduce preposed relative clauses and phrases (le poi mi te vecnu ku'o cukta). So sue me. Thank you.