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About Tiki Translations

Tiki allows you to maintain a set of pages in different languages, all of which are considered translations of each other. When this has been done, Tiki respects your language choices (through your browser language selections, the Tiki language dropdown box, or your Tiki preferences) and presents the language you most prefer, if that is available. You can tell when a page has more than one language available because the language the page is in appears as a drop down box rather than a name.

Creating A New Translation Set

To setup a new wiki page translation you need at least two pages, each of which express the same content in two different languages. So, if you don't already have those two versions, go make them and follow along. You might find the quick edit module convenient; this allows you to create a page without having to link it from another page. Go to MyTiki -> Modules to set it up.

We'll call the two page versions A and B; it doesn't matter which one is which. Each should be named something appropriate in the language the page is in.

Go to each of pages A and B. Check that they have the correct language set. If not, edit them and make it correct.

Go to page A. Click the "Translation" button. Check again that the language listed here is correct (this is the language for page A). In the box beside "Translation of:", enter the name of page B. Click "go". You should now be able to select between the two languages you set up.

Adding To A Translation Set

Make sure the language is set correctly for the new page you are adding. Click on the translation button. Check again that the language listed here is correct. In the box beside "Translation of:", enter the name, in any language, of the page that the page you're working on is a translation of. Click "go".