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I am Timo Paulssen, timonator or la timos and i live in Germany.

I've done some stuff for the lojban community, but almost all projects I started have died an early death. Those that have survived are pretty decent, though.

I claim to be a decently skilled lojbanist. I enjoy VoIP talks via TeamSpeak, Mumble or Skype. I dig free software and Linux. I like Python.

I hang around in the lojban IRC channel all day.



  • lo melbi plini - a short story i hacked together in the course of an evening - has no real plot, lacks suspense, has no point to it, but was a nice exercise.
  • citno melbi pinpedi - a "series" of different works of art, centering around intranslatable lojban humor


  • jboclidju, an e-learning platform
  • CaveStory translation


  • top secret project, which has pretty much died before i even told you what it was
  • karda, was supposed to be a very awesome flashcard learning program
  • lojbo tcidu sidju, a nintendo DS homebrew program for reading fiction, which helps the reader by supplying dictionary lookups and whiteboard drawing functionality.
  • ndsmemo2, a SM-2 implementation for the nintendo DS - horrible code and I don't use the DS as often as before, so I killed it.